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Colon Cancer: When Various Alternative Medicines Failed

Dear Mr. Teo,

My name is T and I’m from Johor Bahru, I found about you from searches on the internet regarding Rectum Cancer.

Here’s my story & I would really appreciate if you can enlighten me as to what I should do next. I was even prepared to just drive up all the way to Penang to see you tomorrow (that is if you’re available).

My mum, age 65, was diagnosed with rectal cancer in July 2007. After we knew about the disease, and after doctors only recommendation (surgery), insisted on it, we opted out.

My mum also dread the idea of going under the knife unless all possible methods are exhausted. So, she insisted to try alternative medicine (TCM). We searched everywhere and asked almost everyone we knew about cancer and alternative medicines. And it all started after the diagnose.

My mum’s first encounter with so called alternative medicine was a recommendation by a relative citing known experience by her personal friend who is suffering cancer. So we went, and my mum was advised to consume ‘raw eggs’ on every meal + supplements from the physician (6 months supply). The supplements claim to have medical doctors’ recommendation to prevent further deterioration. My mum followed the advice for about 6 months but was unable to adapt to the ‘only eggs’ meal as it does not fill her hunger.

So after that, my mum did not continue with this ‘physician’. Again after recommendation from friends as well as my mum’s choice of trying all herbs alternative, we found the second physician, who is in Endau. We drove my mum to this place and again was advice to watch her diet strictly, meaning no meats, including fish and only vegetable. So my mum heeded his advice and started the ‘raw’ herbal medication then. It was about some months when my mum could not take probably the ‘raw’ taste of herbs and boiled herbal drinks. It was like one full load of raw green herbs for a month in my car trunk. And the whole neighborhood smells of herbs.

After on strict dietary guidelines, my mum went down on weight seriously and look weak but the physician said we’ll have to adapt to it otherwise there’s no point even taking herbs. Sometime in late 2008 and after all this herbal drinks and soups, my mum started to bleed from her bowels. At first it was minor but it got serious and needed blood transfusion (1 pint) every 4-5 days interval. This lasted almost 7 to 8 months and finally upon doctor’s recommendation, my mum finally agreed to go ahead with the colostomy surgery.

After the surgery, things were much better. No bleeding, no transfusions and stuffs. So we asked her if she wanted to continue with the herbs from Endau, but she said she could not tolerate all those raw herbs day in & day out. So we started again in our quest to look for another alternative physician.

Two years had passed and after some asking around, it was my uncle (mum’s younger brother) who recommended a TCM physician in Tampin, N.S., whom my uncle claim to had cured his business associate of his cancer using their alternative medicines — containing the known among ‘Chinese,’ the Porcupine Bezoar (Jian Zhu Zhao). This was the most expensive alternative medication we had, but we   hope that some miracle could happen. So we started to travel form JB to Tampin again every month. This   cost some thousands of ringgit. We did this some 14 to 16 months back till today.

In the recent 6 months, I noticed that things were not good. There were serious infections around my mum’s anus & vagina. From what I’ve read from your websites and the book on cancer, I guess this should be Stage IV and spreading fast. The surface of the skin surrounding the anus & vagina area looks like ‘infections’. And lately my mum does not walk that often citing pain when she walks or sit. Now she does not travel with me to get the medications.

So these are the scenario on my mum and I certainly hope that Mr. Teo could help or advise what should I do. Can I drive to Penang to meet up with you for advice? Or maybe take some of your medications?

Please advise. I now plan to start my trip tonight midnight so I can arrive in Penang in the morning and start searching for your place. By the way, I tried looking all over CACARE web page but did not see any consultation time for Saturday, May I ask do you not open on Saturday? Thank-you for your time, and may you have a pleasant weekend.

Reply: No, please do not drive up to Penang tonight. We are not open on Saturday. I only see patients on Sunday at 7 pm onwards or Fridays at 3 pm onwards.

I suggest you go back to your doctor and see what actually is wrong with your mom now.

1) Is this a metastasis — i.e. cancer that comes from the colon?

2) Generally from colon, it also goes to the liver. So besides the anus, are there any spread to the liver and other parts of the body? We have to look at things totally — not just piece meal. For that I suggest you ask your doctor to do a scan or a PET scan of the whole body. I understand that in JB there is now a place to do PET scan.

3) If you like, ask your doctor to do a blood test and see what it looks like.

4) After you are done with all these, ask the doctor what he wants you to do. Listen to him but you need not follow him yet.

5) Come and see me with all those reports and scans. It is only then that I can help you more intelligently. Without all these data, I am blind — how to help?

There is NO need to rush to come and see me. After all you have wasted so much time doing what you are doing which unfortunately does not seem to work.

Following what people telling you is not wise at all. Believing what others say can be a serious disaster too.

Why do I ask you to do all these? I can only help her when I see all those reports. Without these I am blind. I don’t know what is really going on. So I need to know as much of everything first. If you go to a blind man – what do you think is going to happen? Currently, PET is the most expensive procedure but will show all the possible cancer spots in the body … if you do CT scan you may not know everything — so, half blind – but still better than being totally blind.

Looks like I am not going to have a pleasant weekend!

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