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Brain Cancer from Singapore

Hi Dr Teo

My husband has just been diagnosed with pituitary macroadenoma and has been advised to go for surgery.  The neurosurgeon explained the procedure to my husband and we were frightened by the description of what surgery entails, together with the attendant risks.  Will the kind of cures that CA Care offers to cancer patients be of help in his case?  We are prepared to come to Penang and bring the CD of the MRI scan for a consultation if it is possible to effect a cure without surgery.

Reply:  There is NO cure for any cancer … it does not matter if it is surgery, chemo or radiation …or my herbs …absolutely no cure. Please read this article that I wrote:


Thanks for your prompt reply.  We will try to arrange a visit to Penang soonest possible.  For now, my husband has no symptoms and leads a normal life – if the tumour does not grow any more, it would be a good enough outcome for us.  If it shrinks, that would be a bonus

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