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Breast Lump: Refuse Surgery, Lump Grows Bigger and Bigger

Dear Dr. Teo,

My sister has a lump in her left breast. She found out about this lump, it was the size of a dollar coin, three years ago. Last year when she finally decided to tell us, her family, about it, it was already one breast full 8cm in diameter. But she has decided not to do any surgery.

It’s been hard to accept her decision. My parents are very sad, but I’m trying to live with this. I know she’s very afraid but tries to act as if nothing’s happening. I succeeded to bring her to the hospital to have a breast USG while I was at home last year, but I live in Italy and she lives in Jakarta, and it’s a bit complicated when you’re far.

I’m writing to ask whether we could have a first visit from you (I haven’t found anybody who hasn’t done any surgery prior to taking your herbs, reading from your site). Is it necessary that we do a complete blood test and bring it to you. The only medical check-up result we have is the USG result done last year.

If you could give us some of your time, I’d like to arrange a visit with you for my sister in August.

Thank you very much,

Yours truly,




You just have to remove the tumour …it is too big. Herbs cannot make the tumour go away.


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