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Prostate Cancer from Singapore

Dear Dr Teo,

This is J, living in Singapore. I have got your contact from Mr H (bladder cancer from Singapore) and needed to get hold of some herbs to help my father.

My father is 73 years and sick with prostate cancer which has metastasized to his spinal cords, sternum as well as clavicle. He is currently in the hospital undergoing radiotherapy to ease the pain. The pain is now under control with 2 kinds of pain killer he is being prescribed. He is having a blood clot at his T5 which has immobilized him from the waist down, including his bladder and bowel function.

We know there is no cure for cancer but is hoping that you have some herbs that may be helpful for his current condition. Mr H has volunteered to go up to Penang to collect it if you are able to provide some herbs.

He has good appetite these few days and looks much better than I do now. I am unable to personally come down b’cos of the constant need to provide for his needs and juggling my job as well.

Hope to hear from you.

Warmest Regards

Reply:  I must say I really don’t know what I can do by reading this story and sitting in front of the computer. Also my experience tells me that asking someone else to come and just collect the herbs is NOT going to be of any good to anybody.

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