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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Metastatic Breast Cancer from Singapore

Hi Chris

Thanks for sending the book to me in Singapore. I have never seen my mum read a book so religiously until she started reading the Mandarin version of your book on cancer.

I saw your videos on your website and was impressed with your thoughts.

We are very interested to come and visit you. My mum was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast ca and has been undergoing chemo and then Herceptin treatment for the last 2 years at National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCC). She was also put through the routine of CT scan every 9 weeks to monitor her reaction to a new drug under a medical trial. However, my mum has been suffering from mild slipped disc like symptoms in the past 6 months after undergoing chemotherapy for 2 full years. She can feel her health becoming weaker as well, especially after having to undergo CT scan every 9 weeks for the past 2 years. This is definitely breaking her body down.

This month, she finally found the courage to stop her treatment by the NCC. Your book came in at the perfect time and she is beginning to understand why my sister and I have been so wanting her not to undergo the treatment which was some medical trial. However, each day, waking up and getting up on her feet in the morning can be quite a scary chore for her as she does not know when she will get another episode of low back pain attack.  I suspect the overexposure to radiation via CT scan every 9 weeks have done quite a lot of degenerative damages to her body, especially her discs.

In view of her low back pain, travelling to Penang is now a huge uphill task as I believe she will not be able to ensure the physical stress of the long journey on her lower back. I was wondering if there may be a chance that we could send you her medical reports and have you to take a look before we see how best would be the next move.

Would appreciate any thoughts that you might have.


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