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My Prostate Cancer Experience

Hi, All,

Providing you some info on my prostate cancer experience:

I had robotic surgery to remove prostate with cancer on recent 26th March, costing RM 40k.

Biopsy of the extracted gland and adjacent tissues indicated it was Stage 3 cancer.

Oncology’s ‘Gold Standard’ post-surgery treatment for Stage 3 prostate cancer is radiotherapy, zap 33 times where the prostate was, and hormone jabs to cut off male hormone, to curb growth of cancer cells that might be in other parts of body.

Zapping would cost RM 30k, each hormone jab RM 1k. Full recovery, after all the tortures to body and pocket,  is uncertain. Decided not to undergo the Gold Treatment.

Holistic Treatment

A college classmate had advised against radio- and hormone therapy, instead to try the herbs and follow advices from Dr. Christopher Teo, PhD, a college senior who had lectured Botany in USM and treated cancer patients with herbs for more than 15 years.

We went to Penang to see Dr. Chris Teo at his Cancer Care Centre on 15th instant. His CACARE motto is OUR HANDS GOD HEALS. (You can visit www.cacare.com for more info)

Surprised to see quite a few patients there, not only locals, but also from Acheh, Sulawasi, Thailand and Singapore, who had lymphoma, breast, ear, liver and bladder cancers.

Dr. Teo went through my prostate cancer record, like seeing a simple ailment, told me to keep on taking the herbs, continue with the new diet – no meat, egg, dairy products, sugar, oil, alcohol, and to eat more raw vege, fruits, nuts etc. Herbs and new diet would provide enough nutrients for body functions and suppress new cancer cells.

(He said my prostate cancer was not so bad, no need to remove. There were worse cases, but improved after herbs and right diet. Too late, mine was already cut and thrown away!)

Indeed worthwhile talking with other patients and learning from their experience, the tortures they had endured through normal medical treatments but without positive results.

The bladder cancer case I met had impressed and inspired me most. This patient was a S’pore PR. Mr. H, came to CACARE to collect more herbs. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer  exactly a year ago after noting blood in urine. As cancer was at advanced stage, his Oncologist suggested removal of bladder, followed by chemotherapy. When asked would he live after all these treatments, Onco couldn’t answer. Mr H refused treatment, and the Onco confirmed he would have max 4 months life.

Mr. H decided to find his own cure, read more than 100 books on cancer and nutrition, surf the Net for more info and found Dr. Chris Teo. Mr H started taking herbs and had a complete diet change. He survived on raw food – fresh vege and fruit juices, protein from soya and steamed deep sea fish, tried out different vege taste addition to make raw food palatable.

Now Mr H has no more blood in urine, lost 11 kg weight, looks very fresh and healthy. He went back to see his Onco earlier, but the Onco refused to see him. From his appearance, my wife and I thought his age must be in late 30 or early 40, but his correct age was 50! Certainly he didn’t look like a cancer patient. I’ll seek more info on his diet.

Whereas another Trengganu patient had earlier undergone unsuccessful liver cancer treatments, chemo and tomotherapy, looked age +70 near 80, but was actually age 60, younger than me.

After seeing Dr. Teo and talking with Mr. H, I have more confidence in tackling my prostate cancer, without having to undergo hospital’s so called Gold Standard treatments. (Gold actually is gained by Onco, hospital and big pharma).

I wish to inform you the importance of diet. Wrong diet induces cancer growth, right diet can reverse it. Dr. Chris Teo’s herbs are not just to help curb cancer cell growth, but also improve functions of organs and overall health. Herbs are alkaline, while western drugs are mostly acidic.

After a short period of fresh vege/ fruits, deep sea fish, nut, no sugar, less oily diet, and herbs, I feel healthier. BP at 120/80 now.

The new diet becomes palatable too. No urge for roast pork, char siew, chow kuih teow, steamed chicken (my favourite), beer and stout too (my bigger favourite).

Our matured body system is not meant to digest animal protein and milk.

Complex carb and plant-based foods are what your body needs.

Do change to right diet and all can enjoy good health and golf beyond age 90.

Read the book ‘The China Study’ by Dr T. Colin Campbell for more info on cancer related to diet.


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