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Breast Cancer: The Most Crazy Story I Have Ever Heard

Hi Chris,

I have read about you in Betty Kingsley’s book.  Saw your website and am very impressed with your success stories. Am seeking alternative treatment and hence decided to write to you.

Very briefly, I was diagnosed with invasaive ductal carcinoma (right breast). My tumour had fungated and grew very huge. I underwent chemotherapy last October (10 Taxol and 6 FAC sessions). After tumour was substantially reduced, I refused surgery and seek TCM treatment instead.  I have refrained from meat for about year now.

The physician prescribed her own powder medicine and lingzhi. I took them for almost 3 months now and the tumour started regrowing. She kept changing the medicine and told me to be patient. Now the tumour has grown very huge again and has started bleeding.

I wish to go and seek treatment from you.Could you please advise your charges and direct me how to get there? Do you have a contact representative in Singapore.

Thank you for your kind response.  Look forward to meeting you soon.

Reply:  This is the most crazy story I have ever read. What kind of TCM sinseh did you go to?  Just madness. There is NO need to come and see me if you still have the tumour. I cannot help you. Read what I wrote: http://cancercaremalaysia.com/2011/07/23/breast-lump-get-it-out/

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