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Breast Cancer from Surabaya

Dear Sir/Madam

On July 04, 2011 my mother was in RS. Onkologi, Surabaya-Indonesia for checkup, & the result of the check up is there is tumor in her right breast & suggested surgery must be conducted immediately.

On July 15, 2011, breast tumor lifting surgery is done at RS. Onkologi, Surabaya – Indonesia. And now my mother’s condition but sometimes feel pain on the surgery wound.

On July 29, 2011, my mother came again to the hospital for checkup & have lab result for concern lifted tumors & consulted to chemotherapist doctor.
Doctor who conducted surgery to my mother told her to have chemotherapy on August 15, 2011 even we do not know that there were several ‘negative’ result on the checkup report. But my mother decided do not have chemotherapy considering expense & physical condition of my mother.

Based on what i read, could you please doctor help us to give advice of the alternative medicine except chemotherapy?

For your consideration herewith I enclosed report of the surgery result, hopefully this will give info for your kind consideration to give us proper treatment & medicine.

We kindly high appreciate for your time & thank you very much.

Thanks & Regards

AI,  G, S.T.

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