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Colon Cancer – He Needs Help

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am British, 58, 59 on Wednesday! 1.6M tall weigh  65kg. I have filled out your form 3 times from your web site but it always fails saying e-mail address incorrect.

My GP in Kelana Jaya recommended you to me.

Last September I noticed a difficulty to pass motion and my GP referred me to UM Specialist Centre P.J. where I had a colon scope that confirmed a malignant tumour 4 inches from my anus. I then had a full body CT scan that showed no spreading. I then had a lower body MRI (report attached here).

I have lived and worked in Singapore for around 13 years. Last year the company I worked for failed and I was laid off being owed many months salary. I decided to permanently move to Malaysia and start my own business.

When I discovered I had cancer, I also found out to my horror that the company did not keep up my medical insurance. I had just put everything I had into starting my new company and I simply could not afford formal treatment. I decided to try nature’s way.

Firstly, No sugar, No red meat, eat regularly, not like the hectic routines I had in Singapore. More sleep. Reduce dairy products. No caffeine ……………

I have been an asthmatic for most of my life but under control. Ventolin and Symicourt. I have  hypertension which is now under control Cozar 50mg/day BP<120/80. Otherwise quite fit. I swim 20 lengths regularly

Urine normal. Sleep normal. Not much pain but discomfort passing motions. I take 3-4 senna BD to ensure soft and flowing, with no constipation. Some blood comes out but none I can’t see any in the stools that are usually brown.

I have 2 vices. For 20 years I have smoked Citek cigarettes with cloves. If Ismoked normal ones I could give up easily. But these are difficult.

I anger my doctor here by telling her cloves are a natural dilator of the bronchial tubes! I drink ½-1 bottle of red wine every evening. Very little beer and no spirits.

I have made an appointment to see you on Wednesday morning. l am sure I am in the right direction but I need your expertise to properly direct me. My knowledge of this type of treatment is very limited and for what I know, some of the things I take may be in conflict.

With kind regards.

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