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Nose Cancer from KL. No need to panic!

Hello Chris,

Can we please make an appointment to meet up with you urgently. My brother, aged 49 years, has just been diagnosed with Nasal Pharyngeal Cancer, stage 3, Type 2. We had the oncologist consultation today, and have been advised that he needs 7 weeks of radio therapy ( 35 treatments to zapping the tumour) coupled with 3 small chemo dosages all costing him an approximate $35,000 ball-park figure. My brother is unemployed. We are helping him to raise the hefty amount of monies.

The set back is that he will not be able to start treatment until the 2nd week of September due to the Hari Raya public holidays. I have been praying so hard and asking the Lord to please lead us to the right “Doctor” who can help him. Today after our fellowship, I saw the word “Cancer” nailed to the cross of Jesus! I believe that the Lord will heal my brother and he will have a testimony of Jesus on his lips.

Your e-mail was just forwarded to me from my brother who is not a Christian (yet)… We are currently in K.L. and are able to drive down immediately to see you (if you are available)

Please do let us know.

Reply:  Nothing to worry and nothing to panic …take it easy …. relax … bring all your reports and scans … come and see me tomorrow night (Sunday) at 7 pm onwards ….or you can wait till the mad rush is over and come and see me…no need to rush.

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