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Breast Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Chris,

My mom is 75 years old and diagnosed with breast cancer stadium 4, and was advised to do the biopsy and then chemotherapy. After some research through the internet, I am a bit worried and not sure if Chemo is the best solution for her as she is pretty old and I am a bit reluctant to let her go through all the painful process. Will it be possible to us to visit your clinic in Penang and consult with you sometime in early October?

I am looking forward to your reply.



Tumor Activity Increased – Iron pills feed cancer cells?

Dear Mr Teo,

Have just read your blog on iron and its role in growing cancer cells.  This is interesting as I am battling with cancer of the uterus and daily lose blood.  Ten years ago for personal reasons I made a decision not to have a hysterectomy.  This means that my ferritin iron levels are around 3.  Normal is 20 – 60.  My doctor has encouraged me to eat more red meat where possible, and given me iron tablets to bring the levels up to normal but even though I’ve taken them for a year now, my ferritin remains under 7, and tumour activity has increased from 24 to 52 in a CA 125 test done here in NZ.

What sort of diet would you suggest would be most beneficial to reduce tumour activity but still allow me to have iron intake that is less harmful than red meat and iron tablets?

Thanks for your help.

Reply: I am sorry K …I live in Malaysia and it is very difficult for me to explain what you should do in New Zealand. Your food and our food are different. And culturally we are different. You need to read a lot more of the local books, ask the local alternative people more and they may be able to help. My advices to cancer patients here are well suited to our local people. I don’t know about people in Western countries or in your case those Down Under.

Take care and God bless.

Articles to Share? Sure send them to us!

Hi Chris,

I stumbled across your blog and noticed the great content on your site. I am wondering if you allow guest posts because I recently have been researching and writing about how beneficial cancer support networks and also staying physically fit is to people going through treatments, in remission, and even family members of cancer patients.  I believe an article on one of those two topics would mesh with your blog very well and also benefit your readers tremendously. This is an important message to get out there so please let me know if you would be interested in seeing it and sharing it with your readers.

Thank you for all you do in making a difference,


Reply:  Okay David … you can see the article posted in the www.ejtcm.com. This fits in with our other topics like nutrition, etc. Here is the link, http://ejtcm.com/2011/09/21/fitness-during-recovery-from-cancer/


Sad ending – but cure for cancer? I don’t think the future is bright

dear dr. Chris Teo,

I really hope that the cure for cancer will be available soon. (in my sadness) I’d like to inform you that my father has passed away to see his Creator.

My parents went to your place in 2006 or 2007 to get herbs for the cure. Then he took the herb in Jakarta.

My father underwent chemotherapy (total 26 times) and in 2008 or 2009 he started to consume Tarceva.

It was expensive so we couldn’t take it as much as required by the doctor. Meanwhile he also still consumed herbal in Jakarta (which I believe one of the factor that he could survive until recently).

In 2011 his condition was getting weakening and underwent radiation on May or June. The cancer has already spread to his right lung (bones and brain were clean).He went to hospital on August 15, got into ICU on August 19, he was called by our Lord Jesus Christ on August 24.

We are still in deep sorrow for our lost but we believe that it was the best thing according to our Mighty Lord. He has enough spirit but the time has been at the end.

dr. Chris, please continue to find the best way to fight the cancer, but I can only give you my pray.

I pray for the cure, I pray for those who have cancer that they will not surrender under any circumstances, and I pray for their families.

best regards


Stage 4 Colon-Liver Cancer: I can’t help through e-mail

Hi Chris,

I am a caregiver for my dad (age 74) who was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer with multiple liver metastases in April 2011.  He underwent a laparoscopic high anterior resection surgery on the same month.  He did not go for palliative chemotherapy.   We are now seeking your help for the alternative cancer treatments.

Fyi, he has been on TCM after surgery till now.  He was doing quite well after the surgery with the help of TCM.  He started to have water retention on his abdominal, legs, feet and jaundice about two months ago.  He just recently had the drainage done on 1st Sept.  The procedure helped to relieve the bloating for the time being but understand the swelling will come back in no time.

He is unable to swallow hard food now and is on soft diet (i.e. fruit & vegetable juice, porridge, cereal & whole grain drinks, Ensure nutritional drink, etc).  His intake of meal or fluid is very little or minimal.  He is physically very weak and is unable to travel from Johor to visit you for consultation.

I am his sole caregiver and will be difficult to visit you in person.  Would it be possible to have your consultation through email or phone?  Please advise if there is a convenient time that I may reach you via phone. Your prompt response is greatly appreciated.  Chris, thanks in advance for your help and time.


Reply: I am sorry it is just not possible for me to help people  by sitting in front of the computer … what can I do? Since he has been taking TCM herbs … go ahead and use them … I think they can do better than me sitting down here and trying to imagine what is actually going on.

Leukemia – who is playing god?

Dear Dr. Chris,

Will you be available this Friday (23rd Sept)? I’m planning to go to your cancer center in Penang regarding my sickness. My leukemia relapsed very recently and doctor told me I probably have under 6months to live if I choose not to have anymore chemotherapy. And he said further chemotherapy can only buy me some time unless I have bone marrow transplant.

Looking forward to your reply.

A Guessing Game with Cancer?

Predict Colon Cancer or Tumor

Dearest Dr. Chris Theo,

Greeting from Indonesia !!!!

It is amazing and I must say thank you very much to the GOD and also to my best friend who lives in Malaysia now to introduce you through your website…

The reason I write this email to you because I get the problem with my digestive process. As you know right now I’m 57 old, I feel my faeces day by day is not as big as before. And during go to the back (rest room ) sometime is really need time too long to sit with the quantity of the faces so a little. In the meantime when I take a food is so big ( I feel ).My suspission that I got the Tumor or cancer diseases in my stomach or my belly.

So please give an advice what I must do, I’m so fear to get the Cancer Colon or Tumor and I don’t want to go the Hospital to take a surgery.

I’m really need your help, may be by taking your Herbal Medicine the cancer will gone bit by bit.

Looking forward to have your prompt response sir.

Warm regards

Reply: Go and see a doctor and see what happen. He will do an examination and find out why. No use thinking this or that…Go and find out the real reason. Then write me.




Benign Brain Tumour

Dear Dr. Teo,

I’m S staying  in Selangor.  I get to know you from internet.  My wife (teacher), age 42 suffering from benign tumour.  Operation was done in 2008 at HUKM.   The effect after operation, her left eye a bit blur and her left face a bit drop.   After a year, she went follow-up and the result the tumour is not grown back.  But in 2010 after went for MRI, the tumour grown almost normal size.  Doctor advised to go for 2nd operation but she refused.  She decided to go alternative treatment i.e. traditional.  Recently during Hari Raya she had a bad headache till vomit.  She took some pain killer and the pain reduced.  She also having un-balance when walking.   Another problem happened after Hari Raya  she had urinary problem even take lot of water.   After reading your facebook, I decided to see you in Penang.    Can you set me date of appointment to see you and can I’ve your clinic phone.  Please reply, have a great day.  Thanks



Prostate Cancer – But CA Care is not about religion

Hi Dr Chris,
> >
> > My name is L, I am from Indonesia but I live in Sydney. I am enquiring for my dad, D, DOB: 25 September 1943. He  is in Jakarta now and scheduled to fly to Sydney on this Friday.

> >
> > I have read about CA Care from your website and would appreciate your  opinion for my dad’s health condition.
> >
> > Since prior to year 2005, my dad always has headache and his balance  worsen. In December 2005, he was diagnosed in Sydney, Australia to have Acoustic Neuroma (benign tumour) on the left ear and he had surgery to remove the tumor on the left ear. After the surgery he has to have gold  weight put on the upper lid of the left eye and had ear cartillage on  the bottom lid of the left eye. He also suffered face nerve weakness.
> > But praise God, it is almost good now. However, he still complained of headache and feeling hot on the right side of the head. But recent MRI  did not show any recurrence of the tumour.
> >
> > In 2007, he had prostate symptoms and his PSA raised up. Urologist in  Sydney gave him medication to take for a few weeks and had another PSA  checked. Urologist said he had prostate cancer and also did biopsy,  result of the biopsy showed his cancer in stage 1D but it was an aggresive cancer. So he undergone prostatectomy in 2007 and his prostate  was removed. After the surgery, his PSA dropped to less than 0.01.
> >
> > The urologist requested him to check his PSA every 6 months for the next 2 years. However, recently in 2010, his PSA started to rise very slightly to 0.2. The urologist thought there was a mistake, so asked him  to have another PSA test. The result still the same. From January 2011, every 2 months my dad had PSA test as per requested by the Urologist in Sydney. The result showed his PSA kept increasing. Mar 2011 PSA raised to 0.28, May 2011 PSA raised to 0.39, July 2011 PSA raised to 0.49. The urologist said, if the PSA kept increasing, my dad needs to have radiotherapy, possibly there is a present of cancer. That’s why he is scheduled to come to Sydney to see the urologist.
> >
> > I would like your opinion about my dad, whether your therapy could help  him. We don’t know whether there is a new cancer in him. But our family would like my dad to try your therapy so he could avoid any
> >
> > I called today 7 Sept 2011 to Penang and spoke to your wife, who
> > recommended me to write email to you and also visit your representative
> > in Jakarta, Pak Teddy, telp no (021) 8190785, so Pak Teddy could first
> > explain about your therapy and whether my dad is willing to commit
> > himself to it.
> >
> > 2. Do you recommend him to go to Penang, to have consultation with you? We really would like him to receive the right advise and therapy. Given there is still another day tomorrow, Thursday 8 September, before  he is scheduled to fly to Sydney. If you recommend that he delays his flight to Sydney as more time is needed to monitor him, please advise us on this, we would probably delay his flight. We understand that you only have consultation every Friday and Sunday.
> >
> > 3. If it is possible to know, what kinds of herbs are you prescribing to  the patient? Are they from nature, are they organic?
> >
> > 4. If it is possible to know whether you are Christian or from other denomination as we family are Christians.
> >
> > I really appreciate your feedback to my above questions. Please respond  as soon as possible as my dad might need to adjust his schedule to Sydney.

> >
> > God bless you

Terminal Lung Cancer from Indonesia

Hi Mr. Chris,

We need some help / advice from you about my mom’s cancer disease and how to improve her quality life until her last day.  My mom is having a Lung cancer disease on final stadium (as advised by doctor). We have just discovered her disease one month ago which is a surprise news to all of us. here I would like to share some information about her disease which might be useful to get your next advice on what to do :

Age : 66

Sex : Female

Medical History

We have just discovered her cancer disease a month  ago.   Initially she has difficulty to breathe. So we take her to take the Lung xray and found that a lot of water inside her lung. Later we took a medical action by removing the water from the lung . We took the sample of the water for laboratorium analysis and receive a report that there are  a lot of malignant cancer cell inside.

Later we perform the CITI SCAN for her entire body and found the Cancer tumor on  her lung (5 cm). We checked with the lung doctor and has been advised that she is on the final stadium.  We gave her  the IRESA medicine daily as advised by doctor with the hope this medicine can make her quality life better.  Unfortunately her final laboratorium result has advised us that her cancer cell does not have any positive receptor which mean IRESA medicine will not give any affect/impact to her cancer.   Therefore we have stopped the IRESA medicine and has been told that Chemotherapy is the only option for us to make her quality life better.  But we heard a lot of negative side effects of taking chemotherapy especially my mom is old. Therefore we come to you what to do next.

Furthermore, there is no Tumor marker in my mom cancer when we checked her blood laboratorium.

Current situation

Sometimes she got headache, vomit and get pain for some of her back ribs left and right side. (The pain is moved from one part to the other). She still can sleep a bit and will be tired if she need to walk farer/standing longer. The appetite isn’t good as well as her tongue taste bitter. Her other medical problem : Heart  disease (the pulse isn’t normal). she take some heart medicine for sometimes.

She has no difficulty to breathe for temporary now after we took out water from the lung by medical action. However when she breathe, she feels a bit pain on her chest

Till today we haven’t informed our mom about her disease because we know it will get worst as soon as she know about it. (Her mental will go down drastically based on her character)  Therefore we have  told her that there are some infection in her lung to keep her confident to cure her disease.

Finally we are looking for your advice on what we should do next. Hope to get your reply soonest.  If you need more information, please let me know.

Best Regards

Brain Tumour and a ? few months to live?

Dear Dr. Teo,

My name is LC. I am from Australia and I have been following your website blogs since early March of this year. I am trying to seek your advice in regards to my uncle’s recent ill health and diagnosis.

My uncle is 86 yrs old and lives in Ipoh. He has been progressively become anaemic and has to have 4 units of blood transfused 2 weeks ago. At the same time he has also been diagnosed to have a left frontal lobe brain tumour and his neurosurgeon is not keen to operate on him due to his fragile age.

When my uncle came home after the blood transfusions, he has since developed right sided weakness and can be incontinent of urine. His speech can be quite slurred too. His neurosurgeon has stopped prescribing medications for my uncle now literally saying he has only a ? few months to live .

So now my uncle is having acupuncture as well as being managed by his own GP in Ipoh. The family is at wits end as to what options are available for my uncle as Ipoh is really lacking in medical facilities. When I mentioned to my cousins about your CA Care in Penang, they asked me to approach you for advice. It is heart breaking to see my uncle whom has been a very active person and independent with ADL’s 3 weeks ago to be reduced to such a dependent stage so suddenly. I sincerely pray that you are able to offer some sort of hope for my elderly uncle.

Thank you and God Bless,

Reply: I really don’t know what I can do to help … but if you need help … ask the family member to come and see me in Penang with all the medical reports

I Can’t Help by Sitting In front of a Computer

Hi Chris,

I seek your expertise advise, currently my mother is still taking your herbs and for about 2 months, her last blood test was quiet promising. About 2 to 3 weeks back she went back to the hospital for her appointment on removing her urine bag and was given injection dosage of anti-bacteria on her right side above her bum. 3 days later she had severe pain on her right leg from her bum all the way to her foot, her description of the pain is like a needle poking her leg.

we had to bring her back to the hospital for checkup regarding her complain and doctor say that it could be her back that is giving problem and wanted her to see the specialist and were given pain killer and vitamin. Her pains persist and we do not want to waste our time to go back to the hospital and eventually we brought her to the nearest clinic and was given vein repair tablet. Recently we brought her to acupuncture and after 2 session she feel a bit better but pattern of the her pain change, she will feel the pain in the night all the way to the morning and during the day she will not feel any pain.

we are puzzled and worry about her pain thinking that is it possible that cancer could have spread to her right leg,?? Is it safe for her to go for X-ray or other scan on her right leg since she is a cancer patient (liver and rectal colon). please advise us.


Best Regards

Reply: Well — I really can’t help much by sitting in front of a computer ….Do the best you can with all the help you have in Singapore. If you are here, I may be able do more. X-ray — so after that, what do you think they can do? Cancer spread there??? No likely at all.


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