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Benign Brain Tumour

Dear Dr. Teo,

I’m S staying  in Selangor.  I get to know you from internet.  My wife (teacher), age 42 suffering from benign tumour.  Operation was done in 2008 at HUKM.   The effect after operation, her left eye a bit blur and her left face a bit drop.   After a year, she went follow-up and the result the tumour is not grown back.  But in 2010 after went for MRI, the tumour grown almost normal size.  Doctor advised to go for 2nd operation but she refused.  She decided to go alternative treatment i.e. traditional.  Recently during Hari Raya she had a bad headache till vomit.  She took some pain killer and the pain reduced.  She also having un-balance when walking.   Another problem happened after Hari Raya  she had urinary problem even take lot of water.   After reading your facebook, I decided to see you in Penang.    Can you set me date of appointment to see you and can I’ve your clinic phone.  Please reply, have a great day.  Thanks



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