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Brain Tumour and a ? few months to live?

Dear Dr. Teo,

My name is LC. I am from Australia and I have been following your website blogs since early March of this year. I am trying to seek your advice in regards to my uncle’s recent ill health and diagnosis.

My uncle is 86 yrs old and lives in Ipoh. He has been progressively become anaemic and has to have 4 units of blood transfused 2 weeks ago. At the same time he has also been diagnosed to have a left frontal lobe brain tumour and his neurosurgeon is not keen to operate on him due to his fragile age.

When my uncle came home after the blood transfusions, he has since developed right sided weakness and can be incontinent of urine. His speech can be quite slurred too. His neurosurgeon has stopped prescribing medications for my uncle now literally saying he has only a ? few months to live .

So now my uncle is having acupuncture as well as being managed by his own GP in Ipoh. The family is at wits end as to what options are available for my uncle as Ipoh is really lacking in medical facilities. When I mentioned to my cousins about your CA Care in Penang, they asked me to approach you for advice. It is heart breaking to see my uncle whom has been a very active person and independent with ADL’s 3 weeks ago to be reduced to such a dependent stage so suddenly. I sincerely pray that you are able to offer some sort of hope for my elderly uncle.

Thank you and God Bless,

Reply: I really don’t know what I can do to help … but if you need help … ask the family member to come and see me in Penang with all the medical reports

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