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Terminal Lung Cancer from Indonesia

Hi Mr. Chris,

We need some help / advice from you about my mom’s cancer disease and how to improve her quality life until her last day.  My mom is having a Lung cancer disease on final stadium (as advised by doctor). We have just discovered her disease one month ago which is a surprise news to all of us. here I would like to share some information about her disease which might be useful to get your next advice on what to do :

Age : 66

Sex : Female

Medical History

We have just discovered her cancer disease a month  ago.   Initially she has difficulty to breathe. So we take her to take the Lung xray and found that a lot of water inside her lung. Later we took a medical action by removing the water from the lung . We took the sample of the water for laboratorium analysis and receive a report that there are  a lot of malignant cancer cell inside.

Later we perform the CITI SCAN for her entire body and found the Cancer tumor on  her lung (5 cm). We checked with the lung doctor and has been advised that she is on the final stadium.  We gave her  the IRESA medicine daily as advised by doctor with the hope this medicine can make her quality life better.  Unfortunately her final laboratorium result has advised us that her cancer cell does not have any positive receptor which mean IRESA medicine will not give any affect/impact to her cancer.   Therefore we have stopped the IRESA medicine and has been told that Chemotherapy is the only option for us to make her quality life better.  But we heard a lot of negative side effects of taking chemotherapy especially my mom is old. Therefore we come to you what to do next.

Furthermore, there is no Tumor marker in my mom cancer when we checked her blood laboratorium.

Current situation

Sometimes she got headache, vomit and get pain for some of her back ribs left and right side. (The pain is moved from one part to the other). She still can sleep a bit and will be tired if she need to walk farer/standing longer. The appetite isn’t good as well as her tongue taste bitter. Her other medical problem : Heart  disease (the pulse isn’t normal). she take some heart medicine for sometimes.

She has no difficulty to breathe for temporary now after we took out water from the lung by medical action. However when she breathe, she feels a bit pain on her chest

Till today we haven’t informed our mom about her disease because we know it will get worst as soon as she know about it. (Her mental will go down drastically based on her character)  Therefore we have  told her that there are some infection in her lung to keep her confident to cure her disease.

Finally we are looking for your advice on what we should do next. Hope to get your reply soonest.  If you need more information, please let me know.

Best Regards

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