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Stage 4 Colon-Liver Cancer: I can’t help through e-mail

Hi Chris,

I am a caregiver for my dad (age 74) who was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer with multiple liver metastases in April 2011.  He underwent a laparoscopic high anterior resection surgery on the same month.  He did not go for palliative chemotherapy.   We are now seeking your help for the alternative cancer treatments.

Fyi, he has been on TCM after surgery till now.  He was doing quite well after the surgery with the help of TCM.  He started to have water retention on his abdominal, legs, feet and jaundice about two months ago.  He just recently had the drainage done on 1st Sept.  The procedure helped to relieve the bloating for the time being but understand the swelling will come back in no time.

He is unable to swallow hard food now and is on soft diet (i.e. fruit & vegetable juice, porridge, cereal & whole grain drinks, Ensure nutritional drink, etc).  His intake of meal or fluid is very little or minimal.  He is physically very weak and is unable to travel from Johor to visit you for consultation.

I am his sole caregiver and will be difficult to visit you in person.  Would it be possible to have your consultation through email or phone?  Please advise if there is a convenient time that I may reach you via phone. Your prompt response is greatly appreciated.  Chris, thanks in advance for your help and time.


Reply: I am sorry it is just not possible for me to help people  by sitting in front of the computer … what can I do? Since he has been taking TCM herbs … go ahead and use them … I think they can do better than me sitting down here and trying to imagine what is actually going on.

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