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End Stage Liver Cancer

Hi Mr. Chris,

This is S from Johor Bahru. I am writing to seek your advice on possible treatment for my father who had just been diagnosed with end-stage liver cancer.

If further consultation is needed, shall we make a trip to Penang and meet you?

Though we have had some opinions both from modern and Chinese traditional medicine, we never intend to stop exploring other ways. Just for us to know more about the nature of treatment offered in CA care, may I know in general what kinds of herbs would you advise cancer patients to consume?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Reply: Read my website: www.cacare.com … and all the linked website ..they are enough info in there.


Vocal Cord Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Chris K. H. Teo,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sy from Indonesia.

Yesterday, my mother was told by her doctor that she had cancer at her voice cord or laryngeal. The doctor recommended her that she could have surgery at her throat and her voice cord will be taken. She did not ready with this kind of medicine, so we decided to look for herbal medicine.

I have read about Keladi Tikus at several web and also at your web site but still I feel confuse, maybe because my lack of knowledge with this subject.

Can you give me some advice what the best herbal medicine for my mother? Or if Keladi Tikis is the best choice, how can i have it ? I am also worried about counterfeit sales, so I prefer to ask directly
from you. I am in Indonesia, if you know someone or a place that I can pass by to ask or consultation, I will be really thankful.

Thank you

Breast Lump – DCIS from KL

Hello Dr. Chris Teo,

My name is C. The reason why I’m writing this email to you is that my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer recently, so I would like to get some professional opinion from you. When I first found out that my wife had cancer, I decided to do some research on the internet about breast cancer. That’s how I found your website, and first of all, I would like to say thank you for your time and dedication with helping people with cancer. It’s very admirable.

So in my wife’s case, few weeks ago she felt that there’s something like a lump in her left breast. So we decided to go see a doctor and after doing the ultrasound the doctor suggested that my wife should have it surgically removed and sent it to lab for further testing. The report came out as DCIS. The doctor said that it’s still in a very early stage and it’s a non invasive cancer ,and she was given 3 options:

1. Go for surgery again and remove the surrounding tissue because during the first surgery the doctor didn’t know it was cancer yet so he only took out the affected tissue, so after the lab result came out, he’s concerned that the surrounding tissue might be affected as well. That’s why he suggested that she goes for surgery again and remove the surrounding tissue as well.

2. Radiotherapy which we declined on the spot after I went through some of the articles on your website. The doctor also mentioned that he’s not even sure how effective it is.

3.Do nothing and take the 50/50 chance.

So we took option 1 which at this time we think is the most effective and safest option. She will have the surgery this Friday. So do you think we made the right decision?

That was my first question and my second question is, we heard that porcupine date is very effective against cancer. Do you know anything about this Chinese medicine and how effective it is? This medicine is very expensive and I don’t know whether the medicine is suitable for my wife and I’m also concerned about what kind of side effects it might brings. Hope to hear your insight on this medicine.

My third and last question, I’m very interested in your herbal treatment program so I was wondering what would be the best time for us to come and pay you a visit? And hopefully get to know more about your herbal treatment. We have also taken your advise on diet, to avoid all meat and dairy product and also sugar. So most of the food we eat are now organics.

Hope to hear from you soon and thank you again for your time. I’ve also attached the pathology report in case you would like to take a look.


Ovarian Cancer – Healing Crisis

dear dr chris,

First ,i want to say thanks because u accept my mom as ur patient – from central java of indonesia. We  come last Friday. dr chris if u don’t mind i want to ask you about some effect of the herbal medicine. My mom get cancer in her ovarian and been operated also already done chemotherapy. The last result was the cancer already spread in her spleen. She already got the herbal tea from u and also the other pill from you, and it almost drunk almost a weak. She feels weak, and little bit strange on her stomach, not like before she drunk the herbal medicine, Is it normal? Being weak and not comfortable in stomach is it also become one of the effect of the herbal medicine? Because i remembered that dr chris mention at the first time that in one week or two week the body will feel not good and not comfortable. I just  want to ask if my mom feel weak and not comfortable in her stomach is it ok?

Thanks you doctor Chris, God bless u always

Reply:  Go to my website. http://cacare.com/indonesia/content/view/158/95/ and read Krisis Peyembuhan. The answer is all there.


Bone Cancer from the US

I was told on the 30th of Sept. 2011 that I have cancer of the bone that is why I am having back pain. My daughter sent me your website. It was very interesting to me since my doctor told me that I may have to get radiation or some more chemo. I had chemo back in 2006 and I can’t see myself doing it again. Could you please send me some information regarding the herbs and if you have a list of doctor’s name and phone numbers. Thank you.

Reply:   Where are you from?

I am so sorry. I live in Lansing, Michigan about 80 miles out of Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Reply: I am sorry, I am not able to help people so far away. I am from Malaysia, half a year away from you.

Lung-Bone Cancer – Worried Family from Penang

Dear Professor Chris K.H.Teo,

I was recommended by a friend and I read your book today name “CANCER” ..What You Need to KNOW…..  Need help urgently for my mum as per particulars below !!!

Age :  73 Years
Per doctors’s suspect is cancer started from lung spreading to bone.  Below are the following updates that we had done so far for your study:

1..Started with some backside pain on the left
2..10 Sep General Practisioner (GP) prescribed pain killer for one week and no cure.
3..17 Sep GP suggested to go for MRI and we went.
4..22 Sep Found one black patch in one of the backbone.  Doctor suggested to go hospital immediately as suspected tumour growth.
5..22 Sep Went to Penang General Hospital (GH) specialist have blood check and x-ray on the chest.  Found abnormality on the left lower chest as the colour is whitish which should be dark grey.
6..26 Sep At GH for bone scan.
7..03 Oct recheck in GH for on blood test.  By 2am on 4OCT, mum must not eat nor drink.  She is now on drip and tonight she will be at General Hospital.
8..04Oct biopsy at 2pm followed by CT scan.

Per specialist, it is highly suspected that it is cancer and starts from the lung spreading to the bone.  The black patch at the bone area is not the primary of the cancer.

Meanwhile, my mum is taking pain killer from GH as she finds it painful to walk.  When sitting down, it is fine.  I know she is in great pain.  We need help and we hope you can come back to me today on the healing hope.The only in hands document is the MRI and the report from Loh Guan Lye Hospital.  I would appreciate if I can meet up with you soonest possible this week.

Thank you and appreciate your prompt reply.

Worried family.

 Reply: Since you are from Penang, come and see me on Fridays or Sundays. See our website: http://www.cacare.com for detials.

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