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Benign Brain Tumour: Please help my sister too

Dear Dr Chris,

I am your patient. I really would like to ask for your kind help to see if you could in any way help my sister to reduce her tumor which is benign. Attached is her medical report. It’s been around 3 years since she found out about it and has been looking for alternative treatment to avoid surgery.

Look forward to your reply. I’ll be coming to see you this Sunday 27th.

MR OF THE BRAIN – 22 November 2011

Finding: The posterior fossa extra axial mass left side measuring 4.6 x 4 x 4 cm remains unchanged. It shows vivid homogeneous  contrast enhancement. A wide dural base is seen. Minimal surrounding  vasogenic  oedema is noted. No evidence of overlying skull  vault destruction.

The left cerebellar hemisphere is severely compressed. The 4ft ventricle is mildly distorted and deviated to the right.  No significant hydrocephalus.

Supratentorially, no focal lesion is seen. ln the sinuses, a large  retention cyst is seen in the left maxillary antrum. No skull base destruction.  

lmpression:  Large  left posterior fossa meningioma  with severe compression  of the left cerebellar hemisphere. It is stable in appearance No  significant-hydrocephalus. The left maxillary retention  cyst is also unchanged

Her CA 125 dropped further after herbs

Hi Dr Chris

THANK YOU VERY MUCH indeed for your immediate reply. My sister won’t be able to come with me this week but planning to do so the week after. She will bring all the MRIs.

I am doing great. I just did my blood test last week and my CA 125 dropped further!

THANK GOD and my gratitude to you too. My doctor was so impressed with my outlook and the result that now he said I don’t have to come see him every month anymore! Next blood test will be in 3 months while he’s the one who wants me under his radar these 6 months!

My itchiness has gone and so is the pain.

See you this weekend Dr Chris. May God Grant you good health always so you can continue your good job.

Suspected Cancers

Dear Chris, 

I came across your info on a website and would like to know more on how we can get hold of the medicine from you? 

My mum is at present in the hospital for thorough check up and at the present moment the doctors say that my mum left urinary bladder and tract may be infected, a solid cancer on her right breast and some lesion on the liver. In conclusion, it doesn’t look good. 

May I know if my mum need to visit you to get hold of your medicine or I can just visit you alone? 

Can advise the whole procedure and cost? 

Are you in Penang? 

Best Regards


Metastatic Breast Cancer from Singapore

Dear Chris,

I urgently need your kind help and advice. I actually tried submitting the first visit form on your website but it was rejected twice, indicating my email address was invalid. So I thought I might as well email you with the key details required on the form.

I am V, from Singapore. Currently, my mother, age 68, is diagnosed with cancer as below:

1. Metastatic malignant neoplasm to bone marrow. Source: Unknown.

2. Breast Cancer, Stage IV, metastatic to bones, bone marrow – ER, PR weakly positive, HER-2-neu negative.

Suspected areas:  A layer surrounding the Bladder (Doctor didn’t check or scope that area because of her low platelet)

She was admitted to Singapore General Hospital on 6 Nov 2011 after complaining of giddiness, we sent her to the A&E and she was warded under the Haemotology department. Subsequently, blood tests revealed that she has low blood count and platelets. She stayed in hospital for 8 days for tests and was discharged on 15 November 2011. During the stay, she was seen by blood specialists (haemotology ward) at Singapore General Hospital, underwent CT scan and biopsy on breasts and mammogram. She was given a packet of blood transfusion during the stay, and a packet of platelets was given as well, before the breast biopsy was done. Upon discharge on 15 November, she was prescribed with
1. Amlodipine Tablet
PO 10mg, OM – For 14days

2. Mecobalamin Capsule
PO 500mcg, OM – For 14 Days

3. Simvastitin Tablet
PO 20mg, ON – For 14 Days

4. Lisinopril Tablet
PO 2.5mg, OM – For 14 Days

5. Atenolol Tablet
PO 50mg, OM – For 14 days

6. Ferrous Fumarate Tablet
PO 200mg, BD – For 14 days.

She has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. She feels listless and tired and is constipated and urinates more often than usual. As we are located in Singapore, may I know how can myself or my brother go about seeking your help and what are the procedures we need to do? What medical reports are required, to be faxed/sent to you?

And what is the estimated cost of the medication/herbs?

I would be extremely grateful if you could kindly respond to us as soon.


From Singapore: Struggling to Breathe

Hi Dr Chris,

I am writing from Singapore, I am a friend of JT and BL. Sorry I need to mention names because I desperately need to catch your attention.

I understand that you specialist in cancer treatments. My father was an ex-colon cancer patient but he had recovered ever since. Right now he is suffering from lung condition which causes him to have major problem breathing. He was an ex-smoker also suffered from TB in the past, his lungs are partially damage and having contracted mycobaterial, he seriously is struggling to breathe.

Was wondering do you treat patient like my father? Meanwhile I am collating all his medical reports from the current hospital where he seek consultation from. I am planning to fly over to Penang and seek for your consultation if I have a green light from you.

Hope I can receive a confirmation from you soonest.

Reply: Since this is not a cancer case, I think it is best to see a doctor.


Liver Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Sir,

I am Riz ( son of Mr. JM ). 2 months ago my father suspect : Hepatocellular Carcinoma by doctor here in Indonesia. We gort your reference from discussion with few people and ask to browse via your web site CA Care.

We try to fill in initial form at your web site but couldn’t get through, so I initiate to send an email to you regarding my father current condition, lab test result. We are looking alternate treatment based on your experienced handle patient with my parent’s has at the moment, we hope there is a solution about that. Medical treatment we still proceed but not as a primary treatment…my father take alternate solution via herb treatment.

We are looking forward to hear from you soon and if necessary we can go to your CA Care at Penang to further discussion. If possible you can advise us about methodology and alternate accommodation near your CA Care. I understand that your consultation day only at Friday and Sunday, there is any exception for people from outside the country.

Thank you for your attention.

Cancer: My Mind Is Totally Blank – an email from a pharmacist

Good afternoon Dr Chris…I wish u can spend time to read my email…I appreciate it very much…my mind is totally blank n dunno what to do…if there is a hope I’ll try…I hope this email can reach to you

I’m 26 years old lady who is also a cancer patient. In October 2004, I had dysmenorrhea and heavy flow for a month. I proceeded to see dr and thru the ultrasound scan, I was being detected with fibroids. I proceeded to operation to remove fibroids on December 2004. However, the histopathology had shown that I was having low grade endometrial stroma sarcoma. Dr started me on hormonal therapy for 6 months but it did not really help. In July 2005, I undergone a hysterectomy but my ovaries still remain. Since then, dr did not call for follow up then.

In August 2011, I accidentally detected a mass (2×3 cm) on lower lobe lung thru chest x ray during medical examination. Further investigation by CT scan for abdominal and pelvis, found that there was another mass of 6.1cm in the right pelvic area and I also had right iliac vein thrombosis about 1cm. All of these happened without any symptoms.

Recently, on 18 October, I underwent an operation of my lung. Dr initially planned to remove tumor only but at theend still removed my left lower lobe lung. The histopathology shown the result same as last time of stroma sarcoma with low cell division activity.
Recently I was referred back to O&G clinic for further treatment. They planned to do IVC umbrella insertion along with clexane administration and then doing operation to remove the tumour in pelvic area along with ovaries. After operation, they yet plan to start chemotherapy for 6 cycles with 3 weeks intervals. I also understood if ovaries are being removed for the age like me I need to take hormonal therapy for life.

I myself is involved in medical field (a pharmacist). I understood those procedures and also the side effects of chemotherapy. If can I dun wish to go for that. But I totally cannot accept or want to remove the ovaries and take hormonal substitution yet. Dr cannot guarantee this way disease won’t relapse. Furthermore, I still wish to preserve ovaries for chances to do in-vitro though it is difficult but at least there is a hope. Currently, both my ovaries are still normal and wasted to remove. I totally cannot accept for removal women’s properties as I had lost once for uterus. I wish to remain ovaries though there is risky for future. However, this one I wish to leave it for myself to deal btw myself n the God. I wish to bet my life once again for alternative though is risky for not removing ovaries. Dr said those tumour grow due to the hormone.

I would like to seek for your opinions and hopefully Dr Chris can reply me as soon as possible. Ur effort is very much appreciated. Thank you for reading.

Reply: Where are you from? You need to come and see me, but only after 24 Nov because I am now in Laos.

Acute Leukemia from Bandung

Dear Chris,

I will introduce my self before I have few question to you. I’m Ivan from Batam – Indonesia, I have one young brother 37 years old and he sick with leukemia stadium AKUT now. His thrombocyte today is 19k but normal is 150k.  He has headache now and go to hospital in Bandung – Indonesia but doctor said… it’s dangerous. I heard from Ms Priscilia ( Immanuel Church – BATAM ) that we can discuss with Cancer Care about this disease. Do you have any suggestion or medicine herbal for Leukemia? Thank you very much for your attention.

Reply: Go and get the doctor to transfuse blood into him because that is dangerous…and he is in Bandung? Call Pak Teddy in Jakarta and we have herbs for Acute Leukemia.

Leukemia: Let the doctors repair the damage

Hi Chris

I’m C. here and from Kuala Lumpur.  I’ve been following your website and I really respect and praise your work over the years.  In fact, I bought some of your books from bookshop and I really learnt a lot.  Knowledge is power.

Recently my brother in law is admitted to hospital due to cancer and the oncologist prescribed him
“Chlorambucil (Leukaran)” and he is now suffering from chills/fever after taking this drug.  Chris, I
just need some advice on how to reduce the side effect of this drug.  Anything from this list (mushrooms, maitake, wheat grass, tumeric, beta glucan, chlorophyll, vitamins, spirulina, chorella ) can lessen the side effect?

Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Reply:  Thanks for your email. Sorry for this late reply. I was away in Laos and just came back last night. Re your brother-in-law – let the doctors take care of him. They know what they gave him and they should be able to repair the damage that they cause. It is not right for me to interfere and stick my neck out — at the end of the day, if anything goes wrong they will say it is all because of the herbs.


Update of Rectum Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Chris,

Shalom from Jakarta, Indonesia.

I have a great news to share and would like to inform you that M has gone through PET Scan last week in Singapore. The PET scan’s result is CLEAR and CLEAN.

Thank You FATHER and Thank You Jesus. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

Besides the PET Scan, M also had Colonoscopy, there is no cancer cells at all at the rectum and colon areas. But, M feels hurt on the anus/rectum. Do you have a special herb to handle this matter? Or please advise your thought.

M continues taking the herb and on diet.

Thanks, J


Thank you so much J for your update. It is wonderful news. Anyway, this is my advice…

a) do not do any more PET can or colonoscopy …. it is not a good procedure …one time is enough. We can monitor by detailed blood test.

b) I am now actually in Laos. How long is she on herbs now?

c) Is she still taking the herbs non-stop and also taking care of her diet?

Take care, Chris

Dear Dr. Chris,

Thanks for your advice on PET Scan and Colonoscopy.

M is taking the herb non-stop and taking care of her diet since Aug 2009 after the operation.

An opinion from Indonesia

Just happen I’m browsing the internet to look for the cancer news and latest development and also widening my knowledge. It is very interesting to read your articles and the way you approach. I believe all the so called modern therapies  for cancer especially chemotherapy / radiotherapy is more worse…because this treatment also kill the healthy tissues, and more importantly the loss of appetite and then will weakening the immune system. I’m not a DOCTOR….just ordinary man.a husband with wife been diagnosed with CA breast, and been through radical masectomy.

I believe God created man in perfect ways…in His own image…all this terrified thing happen is due to mankind who do not obey the LORD’s command. i.e. destroying the environment, etc. I’m planning to discuss this issue more with you and would like to ask your advice to my wife’s condition.

Liver Cancer from PJ

Dear Dr Chris,

My mother is 76. She has colon cancer which has spread to the liver. The tumor in the liver is about 3 by 3 inches. She had a heart bypass about 11 years ago and had 2 strokes after that. Thus, she is not in the condition for surgery and chemotherapy was recommended. We are considering to consult you. However, we stay in Petaling Jaya.

Can we make an appointment to see you? After the first consultation and upon taking the recommended herbs, do you need to monitor her condition on a regular basis (i.e. how often would you need to see her)? This would help plan and make the necessary arrangements.

Thank you.

Liver Cancer from Sarawak

Dear DR Chris Teo,

During my “darkest hour ” of life and feeling at lost of what to do next , I am fortunate to come across a photocopied of your book – FOOD AND CANCER CARE during my visit to Sunday service in Miri church . Having read through your website,  it gives me new hope of alternative treatment .

I was diagnosed with multicentric Hepatoma in Kuching on 07 Oct 2011 after CT scan and was informed that surgery is not possible due to numerous nodules on both lobes . However was asked to go for Chemoembolisation on 26 Oct 2011. Due to high cost and no guarantee of success, I opt out of treatment in spite of caution by Doctor that my life expectancy will be between 6 months to a year . Attached are medical reports for your reference.

I have been taking local Chinese physician herb treatments since 20 Oct 2011 until now.
Apart from that I change my life style with plenty of rest and sleep earlier at around 9.30 pm. Also I practise going for ” living diets ” that is taking only vegetables and fruit juices . No more oily,fried, baked , BBQ meat or fish .

In spite of all these my AFP blood tests show disappointing results . On 07 October it was 42.7 ng/ml, on 23 October  it was 64.8 ng/ml and the latest result on 04 November is 99.7 ng/ml .

Attached is also the latest blood tests for my liver functions for your reference.

Meanwhile, physically, I am ok.

Myelodysplastic Syndrome from Singapore

Dr Chris,

I am writing on behalf of a neighbour of mine who is suffering from a type of cancer that I have never heard of until now. It is called Myelodysplastic Syndrome (with AML transformation). He went on a clinical trial treatment using a drug called Debcitabine.

He has gone for 5 cycles of the drug now and due for 1 last one in Nov. His name is D.

D seems to be responding to this treatment because his blood count has gone back to normal. Only problem is this is only short term as the root cause of the problem is in his bone marrow. His doctor is recommending that he goes for a bone marrow transplant after this which will cost him SG $40,000. The current treatment would have cost him SG$ 48,000 but since he does not have money, they offered him for free. Apparently in Singapore past clinical trial using this drug, only 1 out of 20 responded positively to this drug. In this trial, he is the only ‘rat’ and seems to work on him.

He does not wish to go for the bone marrow transplant because he does not have the money and doctor told him the procedure is very risky and he may die during the process. So he called me and I am writing to you.

From talking to D, I think he has poisoned his body from his past occupation working with chemicals in pest control etc. which may be the cause of MDS.

I am checking your availability this week and next week so I can bring him to see you. He is still week but at least he can walk now. The last time I saw him 4 months ago, he was in terrible shape. He is also suffering from psoriasis which was how they discovered his MDS during the psoriasis treatment.



Breast Cancer from KL

Dear Dr. Chris,

Obtained your contact from a friend of mine. My mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and liver metastases.

Appointment with an oncologist will be this coming Monday on the appropriate chemotherapy treatment. Prior to the commencement of the procedure, we would like to seek your advise on the same.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Reply I have written enough — in fact too much already — about cancer in my websites www.cacare.com and related 13 websites …go there and read.

You may wish to read these…

This is the way our world is now. You need to take care of yourself. You have to be responsible for your own health and wellbeing. If not, it may be like “just jumping into the sea.”

Listen to these two stories below …. 

Dissecting Chemotherapy 11: No Chemo for Dad’s Liver Cancer –

Wisdom of a Daughter

The doctor wanted him to do chemotherapy. We did not allow him to do so. I argued with the doctor.

The doctor did not get angry with you? Yes, he was but I did not bother. Since we did not want to go for chemo (injection) he was asked to take an oral drug for his liver. This cost RM 20,000 per month.

Read more:  http://cancercaremalaysia.com/2011/11/03/dissecting-chemotherapy-11-no-chemo-for-dad%E2%80%99s-liver-cancer-%E2%80%93-wisdom-of-a-daughter/

Dissecting Chemotherapy 10: No Chemo for Mom’s Breast Cancer – Wisdom of a Son

Son: I did not have much confidence (in what they did on her). She went for an operation and after that the doctor asked her to do chemo. Before the surgery, I asked the doctor, “What is the reason my mother has breast cancer?” The doctor replied, “No reason. If it happens, it happens.” I don’t think this was a logical enough answer because any illness must have a cause. This doctor is an expert – so famous yet that was the answer he gave me – if the cancer is going to strike you, it strikes you.

Read more:  http://cancercaremalaysia.com/2011/11/01/dissecting-chemotherapy-10-no-chemo-for-mom%E2%80%99s-breast-cancer-%E2%80%93-wisdom-of-a-son/



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