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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Kidney Cancer

Hi Chris,

I came across your blog and website by accident when searching for PET-Scan services in Penang.

I am a 42 years old Penang-lang and always thought I am very healthy human. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with right kidney tumor in early Oct 2011 by accident and went for surgery to remove my right kidney within a week. Biopsy was done and confirmed it is stage 3B. Now I am in recovery stage and waiting for next appointment – for diagnostic with PET-Scan to check for any spreading.

By looking at few success stories in your blog in relation to kidney cancer, I wonder how would that help me in my battle with cancer?

Frankly, I am also on herbs now; with recommendation from friends and my seniors and sharing from a lot of people I know. Just wonder it is the same.

As such, wonder if I can meet up with you for discussion and seek for your opinions and help in my diet and treatment (scientifically and herbs).

P/S: I am waiting for PET-Scan with Adventist but I am searching around if I can get a cheaper cost from others. Read you blog and you did mention there is a company that offers cheaper scanning than hospital. Just wonder if you mind to share the contact with me.

Thanks and looking forward to hear from you.


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