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Liver Cancer from Sarawak

Dear DR Chris Teo,

During my “darkest hour ” of life and feeling at lost of what to do next , I am fortunate to come across a photocopied of your book – FOOD AND CANCER CARE during my visit to Sunday service in Miri church . Having read through your website,  it gives me new hope of alternative treatment .

I was diagnosed with multicentric Hepatoma in Kuching on 07 Oct 2011 after CT scan and was informed that surgery is not possible due to numerous nodules on both lobes . However was asked to go for Chemoembolisation on 26 Oct 2011. Due to high cost and no guarantee of success, I opt out of treatment in spite of caution by Doctor that my life expectancy will be between 6 months to a year . Attached are medical reports for your reference.

I have been taking local Chinese physician herb treatments since 20 Oct 2011 until now.
Apart from that I change my life style with plenty of rest and sleep earlier at around 9.30 pm. Also I practise going for ” living diets ” that is taking only vegetables and fruit juices . No more oily,fried, baked , BBQ meat or fish .

In spite of all these my AFP blood tests show disappointing results . On 07 October it was 42.7 ng/ml, on 23 October  it was 64.8 ng/ml and the latest result on 04 November is 99.7 ng/ml .

Attached is also the latest blood tests for my liver functions for your reference.

Meanwhile, physically, I am ok.

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