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Myelodysplastic Syndrome from Singapore

Dr Chris,

I am writing on behalf of a neighbour of mine who is suffering from a type of cancer that I have never heard of until now. It is called Myelodysplastic Syndrome (with AML transformation). He went on a clinical trial treatment using a drug called Debcitabine.

He has gone for 5 cycles of the drug now and due for 1 last one in Nov. His name is D.

D seems to be responding to this treatment because his blood count has gone back to normal. Only problem is this is only short term as the root cause of the problem is in his bone marrow. His doctor is recommending that he goes for a bone marrow transplant after this which will cost him SG $40,000. The current treatment would have cost him SG$ 48,000 but since he does not have money, they offered him for free. Apparently in Singapore past clinical trial using this drug, only 1 out of 20 responded positively to this drug. In this trial, he is the only ‘rat’ and seems to work on him.

He does not wish to go for the bone marrow transplant because he does not have the money and doctor told him the procedure is very risky and he may die during the process. So he called me and I am writing to you.

From talking to D, I think he has poisoned his body from his past occupation working with chemicals in pest control etc. which may be the cause of MDS.

I am checking your availability this week and next week so I can bring him to see you. He is still week but at least he can walk now. The last time I saw him 4 months ago, he was in terrible shape. He is also suffering from psoriasis which was how they discovered his MDS during the psoriasis treatment.



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