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Nose Cancer from Jakarta

Dear Professor Dr Chris Teo,

My name is T,46 year old. Last December 2010 in Mahkota Hospital Malacca my doctor said I had cancer in my nose. They called nasofaring cancer at stadium 2b or 3.

After back at home town is Jakarta Indonesia, I went to Darmais Cancer Hospital for all checkup. The doctor said must go for chemo treatment and radiotherapy..

But I hear so many of my friends after treatment the cancer still remain or come back again, So I try my best to get some herbal for myself and eat healthy food, No meat and half vegetarian.

On June I went back to Malacca again. The oncologist  said I must go to for treatment. Until now I don’t want treatment by chemo and radiotherapy.

I believe herbal will improve myself. So I have a plan to go to Penang for consult with you. Please advise me when is the right time to visit.

Thanks and regards


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