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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

An opinion from Indonesia

Just happen I’m browsing the internet to look for the cancer news and latest development and also widening my knowledge. It is very interesting to read your articles and the way you approach. I believe all the so called modern therapies  for cancer especially chemotherapy / radiotherapy is more worse…because this treatment also kill the healthy tissues, and more importantly the loss of appetite and then will weakening the immune system. I’m not a DOCTOR….just ordinary man.a husband with wife been diagnosed with CA breast, and been through radical masectomy.

I believe God created man in perfect ways…in His own image…all this terrified thing happen is due to mankind who do not obey the LORD’s command. i.e. destroying the environment, etc. I’m planning to discuss this issue more with you and would like to ask your advice to my wife’s condition.

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