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Update of Rectum Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Chris,

Shalom from Jakarta, Indonesia.

I have a great news to share and would like to inform you that M has gone through PET Scan last week in Singapore. The PET scan’s result is CLEAR and CLEAN.

Thank You FATHER and Thank You Jesus. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

Besides the PET Scan, M also had Colonoscopy, there is no cancer cells at all at the rectum and colon areas. But, M feels hurt on the anus/rectum. Do you have a special herb to handle this matter? Or please advise your thought.

M continues taking the herb and on diet.

Thanks, J


Thank you so much J for your update. It is wonderful news. Anyway, this is my advice…

a) do not do any more PET can or colonoscopy …. it is not a good procedure …one time is enough. We can monitor by detailed blood test.

b) I am now actually in Laos. How long is she on herbs now?

c) Is she still taking the herbs non-stop and also taking care of her diet?

Take care, Chris

Dear Dr. Chris,

Thanks for your advice on PET Scan and Colonoscopy.

M is taking the herb non-stop and taking care of her diet since Aug 2009 after the operation.

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