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Benign Brain Tumour: Please help my sister too

Dear Dr Chris,

I am your patient. I really would like to ask for your kind help to see if you could in any way help my sister to reduce her tumor which is benign. Attached is her medical report. It’s been around 3 years since she found out about it and has been looking for alternative treatment to avoid surgery.

Look forward to your reply. I’ll be coming to see you this Sunday 27th.

MR OF THE BRAIN – 22 November 2011

Finding: The posterior fossa extra axial mass left side measuring 4.6 x 4 x 4 cm remains unchanged. It shows vivid homogeneous  contrast enhancement. A wide dural base is seen. Minimal surrounding  vasogenic  oedema is noted. No evidence of overlying skull  vault destruction.

The left cerebellar hemisphere is severely compressed. The 4ft ventricle is mildly distorted and deviated to the right.  No significant hydrocephalus.

Supratentorially, no focal lesion is seen. ln the sinuses, a large  retention cyst is seen in the left maxillary antrum. No skull base destruction.  

lmpression:  Large  left posterior fossa meningioma  with severe compression  of the left cerebellar hemisphere. It is stable in appearance No  significant-hydrocephalus. The left maxillary retention  cyst is also unchanged

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