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From Singapore: Struggling to Breathe

Hi Dr Chris,

I am writing from Singapore, I am a friend of JT and BL. Sorry I need to mention names because I desperately need to catch your attention.

I understand that you specialist in cancer treatments. My father was an ex-colon cancer patient but he had recovered ever since. Right now he is suffering from lung condition which causes him to have major problem breathing. He was an ex-smoker also suffered from TB in the past, his lungs are partially damage and having contracted mycobaterial, he seriously is struggling to breathe.

Was wondering do you treat patient like my father? Meanwhile I am collating all his medical reports from the current hospital where he seek consultation from. I am planning to fly over to Penang and seek for your consultation if I have a green light from you.

Hope I can receive a confirmation from you soonest.

Reply: Since this is not a cancer case, I think it is best to see a doctor.


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