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Metastatic Breast Cancer from Singapore

Dear Chris,

I urgently need your kind help and advice. I actually tried submitting the first visit form on your website but it was rejected twice, indicating my email address was invalid. So I thought I might as well email you with the key details required on the form.

I am V, from Singapore. Currently, my mother, age 68, is diagnosed with cancer as below:

1. Metastatic malignant neoplasm to bone marrow. Source: Unknown.

2. Breast Cancer, Stage IV, metastatic to bones, bone marrow – ER, PR weakly positive, HER-2-neu negative.

Suspected areas:  A layer surrounding the Bladder (Doctor didn’t check or scope that area because of her low platelet)

She was admitted to Singapore General Hospital on 6 Nov 2011 after complaining of giddiness, we sent her to the A&E and she was warded under the Haemotology department. Subsequently, blood tests revealed that she has low blood count and platelets. She stayed in hospital for 8 days for tests and was discharged on 15 November 2011. During the stay, she was seen by blood specialists (haemotology ward) at Singapore General Hospital, underwent CT scan and biopsy on breasts and mammogram. She was given a packet of blood transfusion during the stay, and a packet of platelets was given as well, before the breast biopsy was done. Upon discharge on 15 November, she was prescribed with
1. Amlodipine Tablet
PO 10mg, OM – For 14days

2. Mecobalamin Capsule
PO 500mcg, OM – For 14 Days

3. Simvastitin Tablet
PO 20mg, ON – For 14 Days

4. Lisinopril Tablet
PO 2.5mg, OM – For 14 Days

5. Atenolol Tablet
PO 50mg, OM – For 14 days

6. Ferrous Fumarate Tablet
PO 200mg, BD – For 14 days.

She has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. She feels listless and tired and is constipated and urinates more often than usual. As we are located in Singapore, may I know how can myself or my brother go about seeking your help and what are the procedures we need to do? What medical reports are required, to be faxed/sent to you?

And what is the estimated cost of the medication/herbs?

I would be extremely grateful if you could kindly respond to us as soon.


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