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From Jakarta: TB and then Lung Cancer

Dear Prof Chris,

My name D (49 yrs), my husband is G (53 yrs). We live in Jakarta,

1.       Medical History

Since mid of 2010 my husband had dry coughs, his condition became worse by the end of 2010 and he had short breath. We met a specialist – Lung doctor. Photo thorax showed that his left lung all covered by pleura liquid, The pleura liqiud was drained, 450 ml.

Pleura liquid contains limfosit dan mesotel cells. No malignant cell. Initial diagnosis tubercolosis

Since  29 Januari 2011 to 23 Maret 2011 he took TB medine and joined the TB Program in local state hospital.  His medicine was Rimfamicin 150mg dan Isoniazid 150mg with dose 3 tablet perday and taken every  2 days, before meal.

On 21 Maret 2011, my husband was asked to do a photo thorax again, the result no significant difference.

The pleura liquid was drained again 850 ml. The doctor suggested him to do  CT Scan. He complained about severe dry coughs (especially when he talked too much), back pain, and short breath, occasionally his cough produced white phlegm with bubbles.

On 12 Mei 2011 my husband had CT Scan, and the result:

Indication: Massa central left lung with component  atelektasis dan left hidropnemothorax , suggestive  malignancy.

The doctor suggested biopsi with bronkoscopy and plant permanent vessel on his chest to drain the liquid and biopsi pleura.

My husband refused to do biopsi, since whatever the result he did not what to do chemotherapy, or radiation, or even a surgery.

2.       Medication

Since June – July 2011 , my husband took herbal for his medicine from Secret Herbal (3 times daily) and took Annona muricata herbal tea (twice a day). His voice became sore.

Since he kept having cough and back pain, I took him to meet a herbalist doctor on August 2011 and since that his diet change – became a vegetarian. He took 10 capsules every morning, 10 capsules every afternoon and 10 capsules every nights plus half cup of herbal tea every morning, afternoon and night.

His medicines are many.  Cur Andro,  Cur Catrol,  Lokan II,  Alpen, Leci I,  Agetan II, Puma tea and BG Radiesthesi Loogman tea.

3.       Present Condition

After three months (November 2011), now my husband still has coughs, occasionally with white phlegm, fatigue, short breath, and severe backpain. He took Tramadol 50 mg twice a day to relieve the pain, but the pain keep coming back  6-7 hours after taking Tramadol. His weight dropped became 45 kg. I found a lump under his left armpit (as big as a kidney bean) and a tiny lump (as big as a mungbean) on his left waist.

His big complaints:

1.       His left central backpain, but the pain disappear after take Tramadol 50mg, so he can sleep at night.

2.       Fatigue, but he still can go up the stairs and do simple activity, such as take a bath, typing computer, eating, watching TV

3.       Coughs with white phlegm

4.       The last couple days he felt uneasy on his stomach when eating, his appetite a little bit decrease, so I have to remind and force him to eat.

5.       Short breath

6.       He urinate every 4-5 hours, the color is yellow transparent, no pain

7.       His bowel seems normal, everyday 1 -2 times, no pain

8.       No bleeding, no diabetes, no hypertension.

We would like to joint your program. We need your suggestion. Three months ago I’ve contacted Pak Teddy Skadiang, but I postponed the schedule to meet him because at that time my husband was not ready to do the tight diet.

Sincerely, D.

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