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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Wife With Breast Cancer from Indonesia

Dear DR. Chris,

It is great pleasure knowing you after searching various sources regarding the cancer. I would like to see you and have some discussion in regards of my wife ca breast. I hope to see you soon, and have some chat. I will bring all the necessary docs ie.med record etc.

I believe God is using you and team to bring comfort and hope, and to defeat the evil…who create bad thing so we cannot fully serve our LORD with the sick body. Our pray to you and your team. May God bless you abundantly.

My comments:

  1. No need to come for a chat. Just go into our websites and there is enough info in there. Read and understand what we are trying to let you know – chit chatting is not going to bring anybody anywhere.
  2. Cancer may be evil to some people, but how many people realize that cancer is yours – you make it in you! Bad diet, bad lifestyle, etc. etc.
  3. God said, “My people died due to lack of knowledge!” How many people want to learn  before they get sick?

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