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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Hi there how are you….well i herd about you guys and saw some related programs about your CA CARE well i was hoping if you could kindly help me in my medical case as i see no all… Three … Continue reading

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Colon Cancer from Surabaya

Dear Dr. Chris, My name is Y from Indonesia (Surabaya City). My wife’s name is 33 years old and she was diagnosed colorectal cancer 1 (one) month ago. It was really a disaster for us and also for our two … Continue reading

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Brain Tumour from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Chris, I am H from Indonesia, I would like to ask you about brain tumor or cancer. Would you please tell me about that. At Dec 27′ 2011 my mom was diopsi of brain tumor in “otak kecil” … Continue reading

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Misbehave and Your Cancer Marker Shots Up — As Simple as That!

URGENT … Dear Dr Chris, I went for my blood test today and the marker shot from 8 to 27. Would you suggest I increase any of the herbs that I have been taking? Thank you very much. Reply: Take … Continue reading

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To Continue or Discontinue with Oral Chemo Drugs? CA Care can’t advise on such matter! Patient empower yourself

Good day Chris, I would appreciate if you could kindly advise whether it is advisable to discontinue oral chemo drugs (TS1 – have done 8 course since May 2011) for stomach cancer (1 active + 1 possibly inflammation) that is currently affected … Continue reading

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Kidney Cancer

Dear Sir/Madam, I read about cancer care malaysia on internet. Our father was recenty diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, with metastasis to the lungs. We are still looking for the best treatment available. Can we have a consultation at your place, and when is … Continue reading

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Lymphoma – No guarantee

Hai Dr Teo, first of all I wish you a happy new year. I am interested in your information regarding the healing of that lady from lymphatic cancer by your herbs and e- therapy. My mother of 86 years old … Continue reading

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