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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Hi there how are you….well i herd about you guys and saw some related programs about your CA CARE well i was hoping if you could kindly help me in my medical case as i see no hope..at all…

Three to four years agao i was told by the doctor that i had PCOS….and ever since i have been on medication like DIANE 35, YASMINE…well i was hoping to get a solution well currently I am living in dubai and planning of getting married soon and was hoping if u could cure my problem…well i will be waiting for ur reply please tell me what i should do and also mentioning about your gy5 ang gy6 herbs what are they and how does i help the PCOS? and will it help me …hope to hear from you soon..

No-Reply: I honestly do not know what to do with such an e-mail.


Colon Cancer from Surabaya

Dear Dr. Chris,

My name is Y from Indonesia (Surabaya City). My wife’s name is 33 years old and she was diagnosed colorectal cancer 1 (one) month ago. It was really a disaster for us and also for our two little daughters. Doctors suggested surgery but the fact that could happen to her is colostomy permanent because it is only 6 cm from rectum. We attached results of colonoscopy and laboratory check. Please check.

For your information, she still can defecate but I think the frequency is not normal, 5 or 7 times a day. Sometimes the feces has mucus and sometimes they don’t.  We also did a diet, she didn’t eat meat, chicken, too many salt, sugar, fried foods, wheat flour and the products etc and she eats more vegetables and fruits, VCO (virgin coconut oil) as a substitution for cooking oil. How many fruits and Vegetables (fiber) should she consumed a day?

We found your website and she interested on your website, we hope that you would help us and tell us what we should do next. We believe that your herbal can cure my wife without surgery.

We also hear about “Keladi tikus” herbal plant that was found in Indonesia, but we need to hear straight from you about that also. Please help us and tell us what should we do. Thank you very much Dr. Chris.

Reply:  You need to do the surgery —- no herbs or medication can cure such problem. I saw the pictures —- they are bad. So get the cancer removed first. After that you can come and see me in Penang with all the medical reports — Or you can call Pak Teddy in Jakarta for help. See www.CancerCareIndonesia.com for more.


Brain Tumour from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am H from Indonesia, I would like to ask you about brain tumor or cancer. Would you please tell me about that.

At Dec 27′ 2011 my mom was diopsi of brain tumor in “otak kecil” and also have hydrocyfalus on his brain, and doctor has make line to release the liquid to her stomach.

And the doctor said the tumor is malignant tumor, and it’s secunder tumor, that’s mean coming from other part of her body and then we do Pet Scan,..after that found some “sesuatu yg perlu di analsisa” on her usus near “anus.” Next week we plant to do endoscopy as doctor advice, the doctor need to know

It’s the source of brain tumor or not. In this case can we do treatment by your specialist? And if it’s possible, how to do this. Please your advice. High appreciated for your attentions. GBU. Warm Regards.

Misbehave and Your Cancer Marker Shots Up — As Simple as That!

URGENT … Dear Dr Chris,

I went for my blood test today and the marker shot from 8 to 27. Would you suggest I increase any of the herbs that I have been taking?
Thank you very much.

Reply: Take it easy — think back and ask if there was anything wrong that you did? Anything different from before?  Diet — stress???? Reflect and ask. Then did you go to the same lab to do the test?


Yes Dr Chris,

I have been guilty as charged — with food and stress. I was away for a while and the hotel I stayed in couldn’t help me with the herbs. Though I ate salad and fish, the salt used wasn’t my salt.

I was so strict with everything when my tumor marker dropped after the treatment. I will get back to that regime.

And yes, I did go to the same place for my blood test, i.e. SJMC.

Thanks Dr Chris.

To Continue or Discontinue with Oral Chemo Drugs? CA Care can’t advise on such matter! Patient empower yourself

Good day Chris,

I would appreciate if you could kindly advise whether it is advisable to discontinue oral chemo drugs (TS1 – have done 8 course since May 2011) for stomach cancer (1 active + 1 possibly inflammation) that is currently affected 2 lymph nodes (1 active + 1 possibly inflammation) as shown on last Pet scan in early Nov 2011. Reason being of its toxic that is very harmful to the body system and organs that may be irreversible; and thinking to go with the natural alternative way fully; but we are really no sure….and afraid…

Patient side effects from oral chemo drugs include hand and foot syndrome (tinkling feeling, redness, swell, some pain, broken nails), skin pigmentation but no hair loss, no vomit, no diarrhea, no pain.

Patient used to take “sabah snake grass” juice for about 5 months since 01 June 2011 (now discontinued) and has been and currently still taking wheat grass juice, pancreatic enzymes, chlorella, beta glucan, green tea extract, organic food, filter / alkaline water, etc. She also does early morning exercise daily, sitting Qi Gong and prayers, each twice daily…

Patient is 47 years old, female, currently doing very well with no physical symptoms of stomach cancers or pain for more than 6 months since mid June 2011, past 3 tumor markers were all normal, Patient can eat normal portion, sleep well, pass motion, and can do all normal daily activities.

You advice is greatly appreciated as we have no one to turn to…and we may plan to visit your centre this/next month for treatment.

Thank you very much for your kind advice.

Reply: There is nothing to advise … it is up to the patient to decide. Is this my patient?


Thank you for your advice and help – you are a great help with this reply. We are not your patient yet and we are thinking to visit your centre this/next month for treatment but now we cannot dicide after seeing your reply.

Reply:  It is okay — do what you think is right. I cannot tell you what to do. Thanks.

Kidney Cancer

Dear Sir/Madam,

I read about cancer care malaysia on internet. Our father was recenty diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, with metastasis to the lungs. We are still looking for the best treatment available. Can we have a consultation at your place, and when is it possible?

Thank You

Reply:  Go to our website http://www.cacare.com and the time and day for consultation are stated in there.

Lymphoma – No guarantee

Hai Dr Teo, first of all I wish you a happy new year. I am interested in your information regarding the healing of that lady from lymphatic cancer by your herbs and e- therapy. My mother of 86 years old had lymphoma . She gone through 2 chemotherapy. And the doctor said that there is no guarantee that it will not relapse. Please advise.

Reply:  Nothing to advise… what to say??

Chronic Gastritis – Medication Stopped Working!

Hi Dr Chris Teo

My name is Dolly from Melbourne, Australia and i am suffer from chronic gastritis (done 3 times gastroscopy) for 3 years now. The burning pain always there. The medication stopped working.
I am interested with your e-therapy and herbs. I am planning to go and see you in Penang in Febuary. Do i have to make appointment to see you in Penang?


Warm regards,

Reply: Hello Dolly, No need appointment. Come and see me when you are in Penang. Good to let me know when – ahead of time.

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