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Misbehave and Your Cancer Marker Shots Up — As Simple as That!

URGENT … Dear Dr Chris,

I went for my blood test today and the marker shot from 8 to 27. Would you suggest I increase any of the herbs that I have been taking?
Thank you very much.

Reply: Take it easy — think back and ask if there was anything wrong that you did? Anything different from before?  Diet — stress???? Reflect and ask. Then did you go to the same lab to do the test?


Yes Dr Chris,

I have been guilty as charged — with food and stress. I was away for a while and the hotel I stayed in couldn’t help me with the herbs. Though I ate salad and fish, the salt used wasn’t my salt.

I was so strict with everything when my tumor marker dropped after the treatment. I will get back to that regime.

And yes, I did go to the same place for my blood test, i.e. SJMC.

Thanks Dr Chris.

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