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From India: 5-month-old-baby with Liver Cancer

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am writing this email on behalf of my co-brother in law who has a 5 months female baby. She is suffering from Liver Cancer, All the details are below:

UltraSan Report: 14/02/2012


CT SCAN: 15/02/2012

Liver is grossly enlarged extending up to the iliac fossa. There is e/o multiple hypo attenuated areas diffusely involving both lobes. Following IV contrast administration there is heterogenous enhancement during arterial phase. Delayed section are not available. No calcification. Portal vein and IVC are normal.

Diagnostic possibilities includes: Adrenal neuroblastoma with hepatic secondaries/ hepatic haemangiomatosis.

MRI SCAN: 16/02/2012

Liver grossly enlarged in size extending up to pelvis. Both lobes show extensive lobular T1 hypo, T2 hyperintense lesions with intevening parenchyma showing T1 hyper and T2 hypointensity. Significant strtching of the vascularity noted with compression. the largest lesion measures 4×3 cm.


Biopsy has been done on 20/02/2012 and the report confirms for cancer in the Liver through Adrenal gland. Embryonal cancer.

Currently we are residing in Hyderabad, AP, India. I kindly request you to look into this case as soon as possible, and give suggestions. Let me know if there is any hope for this baby, as Doctors advised for chemotherapy. And I came to know about your Cancer care Center, and I have seen many cases of cancer on your website which has been cured. We want to talk to you, if you please provide us with your contact number. Please do reply soon, really appreciated. Thanking you.

Reply:  I am sorry I cannot help patient from so far way country.


Thanks for the reply, what if we decided to come to Malaysia then you will ready to see us?And is this Cancer curable? If you provide us with your contact number we can talk about this case, and we will decide to come to Malaysia as soon as possible. Thanking you. 

Reply: Cancer is not curable and it is no use coming to see me because I cannot help small baby.



Pancreatic Cancer

Dear Chris,

My brother-in-law was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given about 3 months to live.  We would like to help him. He has been inundated with numerous suggestions and remedies to ingest….right now it is a very difficult time for him as he has to get his affairs in order in a very short time.

It is hard to decide what to do and we want to assist by going thru the screening process for him as taking the wrong remedy will result in wasted time as well as money. I suspect too that some are just money making ventures with no results at all…merely scams.

Please tell me what your center would do if we brought him to you for consultation. We heard of the efficacy of rat tuber from a friend and managed to get him some in capsule form for him to try. Please advice.  Thank you.

Reply: Go to my website: www.cacare.com and read what we do.

Dear Chris,
Basically, what I understand is that your center treats cancer patients using herbs. However there is no info about cost of treatment nor is it mentioned whether the patient is to be admitted for a stay.  I do know that in one of the videos, you mentioned that in 2 weeks, if there is no improvement, then the patient can opt to stop treatment. Would be much obliged if you can give more details on this. Thank you.

Reply:  I need to see all the medical reports and know the history before I can say anything. BTW, where are you from? I just got a son who came for his father from Singapore this morning. He was also given 3 months to live as he has pancreatic cancer. Well, since I am not god I can only do that much and no more. I suggest that you go and see other healers around your town and talk to them. Ask them to help you. Even you come to me, there that much I can do. No one on earth can cure anything – and for pancreas cancer  – it is the worst of cancer to get. So you are better off finding someone near your home or even the doctor. Don’t let anyone con you out of your money.

I am from Kuantan, but my brother in law is from KL. I will try to obtain the report as soon as I can because I will be busy also this coming 2 weeks. I think he has just gone down to Singapore to get a 2nd opinion.  Anyway, Penang is quite far to travel. That is why I am trying to communicate via e-mail.  I tried to call today but I didn’t get thru because it was already 1 pm. Anyway, would appreciate any suggestions u may have as it will be hard to make time to come down.  

Reply: If he can go to Singapore — Penang is that far? Never mind. Let him decide. It is not for me or for you to decide. It is his life.

For your information, read this post …. http://cancercaremalaysia.com/2012/02/02/lymphoma-chemotherapy-failed-life-was-miserable-but-herbs-and-e-therapy-revived-her/

MN (S-81) is a 56-year-old lady from Indonesia.  She and her husband came to …Penang to search for an alternative treatment for her Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  They live in Labuan Batu, a town south of Medan. Coming to Penang is a long journey indeed. From home, first they had to travel for 9 hours by bus (or 6 hours by train) to Medan. After an overnight stay in Medan, they took a plane to Penang.

Many Indonesian patients who come to seek our help need to travel from afar.  We empathize with them. This is indeed a test of their commitment and a testimony of their real desire of wanting to help themselves. In contrast, we have phone calls and e-mails from patients who live just a few miles away and yet they complained that it is difficult to come and see us. They prefer consultation over the phone. Similarly we have patients from Sarawak, Sabah or Singapore who only want us to help them through the phone or internet. Unfortunately, we cannot help such patients. It is better that they go and seek help from herbalists nearby their homes. Life is easier that way – for them and also for us.

But for those like MN, who have travel so far to come and seek help, we pray that we never let them down. We shall do our utmost best to help them. Indeed this case is an example of a wonderful and rewarding effort that makes our day real great. We thank God for His blessings – and hope many more cases like this will continue to come by our way.

Lung Cancer Stage 4 from Jakarta

Dear Mr. Chris,

My name is Yana. The doctor in Jakarta said my aunty has a lung cancer stage 4. At the moment, we are in Kuala Lumpur (Sime Darby Hospital). The result of biopsy will come out on Thursday or Friday, but the doctor said it’s seems the advance cancer. We would like to seek your help, Can we come to Penang without result or we should wait for the result? Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
Best regards.

Reply: Wait for the results and bring all the medical reports. No need to hurry. Come on Friday if you can or Sunday night. See my website: www.cacare.com 

Okay. Thanks so much.

Thank you — We don’t recycle our herbs!

Dear Dr.

My brother Mr Alex has went to see you (sometimes btw 12/11/2011 – 19/11/2011) and bought some herbs for his nose cancer and he has consume some chemo and radio tea at the initial stage but stop due to the heat and the side effects of his treatment.  Now he has completed the whole treatment (01/02/2012) and recovering at home.

I would like to know if he can return the herbs (Capsule A, Radio Tea, Chemo Tea) to your clinic as he has no longer need the herbs (at no charge).

Is there any other herbs which could help him to recover fully as he is now still very weak, he is also unable to take much fluids due to nausea and vomiting.

Would appreciate your feedback on the above.

Reply: At CA Care  we don’t recycle our herbs! We have to careful and strict on that. So thank you!

Kidney Problem – Go see you doctor

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am writing on behalf of my brother who is from Jakarta – Indonesia. He is 39 years old, married, blessed with 7 year old son and expecting the second child currently.

We got your name from my relative who is living in Medan – Indonesia. We would like to discuss with you before my brother travel down to Penang and to consult with you further on his situation. My brother is having kidney’s issue which according to the lab result that his kidney is shrinking and now can only function properly between 10% – 15%. This is without symptom at all as he does not feel anything happen to his body. The only thing he notice is a foam in his urine. Currently he is being advised to have tight control on his food.

Below are the lab result :

– Right longitude  approx. 7.8cm, Left approx 7.5cm

– Index resistance measurement for right kidney = 0.75m, Left kidney = 0.74

– Creatinin measurement 587.8 umol/L (Normal 61.9 – 114.9)

– Protein in Urine measurement 95 mg/dL

Attached lab result taken in Penang at early Feb 2012, and the others are the lab result taken in Jakarta at end of Jan 2012.

Based on my brother’s information above, We have few questions before we travel to Penang to look for you for further checking :

–  How long and how many times do you think the treatment is required ? (Understood your consultation timing is only Friday and Sunday, and considering that my brother is staying in Jakarta)

–  How much is the consultation fee? And what type of costs will occur during the treatment ?

–  Can we know whether the treatment or during the treatment required him to stay in hospital ?

–  How to register for consultation ?

We hope you can respond this to me fast as we are quite anxious on the situation. Please do let us know if you require more information on this.

Reply: Please go and see your doctor and ask him to help you.


Gallbladder Polyps

Hi Dr Chris,

Good day! I m C, friend to T, I accompany her to Penang twice visiting you.  I have a friend recently doing medical check and the ultra sound result show visualized gallbladder shows few polyps within it. The  largest measuring 0.5cm. Gallbladder wall is not thickened.

He went for 2nd advice from hospital and being informed no need to do anything and just need to keep monitoring, unless it grow bigger. My friend is very worried whether keeping it doing nothing whether it will turn worst after sometimes. But also helpless where all dr he met advised no medication for him to control or reduce it… I just asking here see whether Dr Chris can help him on this. If yes, maybe we could arrange a trip go down to see you and bring along the ultra sound result.

Thanks and looking forward to hear from you soon.

Reply: Trying to help a friend is a good idea. But most of the time it is useless because what if he is not interested in what you are going to do for him?

Lung Cancer from Jakarta

Dear Mr Teo,

My name is Z. I am writing on behalf of my mother. She was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

I’ve been trying to fill up the First Visit Form but it kept telling me that my email was invalid.

We are very much hoping that you can pass on to us the miracle work that you have done to so many people. My mother had coughing and breathing problem. We went to see a doctor in a hospital in Jakarta who discovered she had pleura liquid on her lung. After further test on the liquid, she was diagnosed as adenocarcinoma positive. We are in Penang from Thus, 9 Feb to seek other advise from oncologist here.

She has pain chest especially when coughing and inhaling. She has very poor eating appetite and not sleeping very well. She is also very weak to even comb her own hair. She has cough but not much phlegm. Also she has no reported swelling.

We are not taking any medication yet nor any herbal but we are considering Tarceva.

We are very much hoping to see you at your earliest convenience and if possible on Sunday, 12 Feb when your centre is open.


Special Appointment to See Patient that Is Suitable for You? Be reasonable!

Hi Dr. Chris,

I would like to make an appointment with you for Madam L on 11 March at 11am. As we’re travelling up from KL on Saturday and leaving on Sunday, it will be quite a challenge for us to drive back to KL after seeing you at your usual 7-9pm. The journey is long and tiring.

…. So far to date, she is feeling ok and her body doesn’t feel cold anymore. As such this appointment will be for a post follow-up consultation from the first and to check her body balance again for improvement.

Do kindly confirm if you’re able to meet at this time,otherwise is there another suitable date on Sunday to see you in the morning? Thank you. Have a good week ahead.

Reply:  I am sorry I don’t see patients on Saturday or Sunday morning …. you can come on Sunday night and drive home on Monday morning.

Hi Dr. Chris,

I understand this is aside from your usual clinical hours but as we’re from outstation, we were told during our first appointment that we can request for appointment aside from the usual clinical hours. I know this is strenuous on your schedule but it is a challenge for us to be taking leave every other month in the long run as we don’ have enough leave from our company. I hope you can make an exception as it is we’re already sending my mother to Pantai in Melaka every month.  Do kindly reconsider our request. I sincerely thank you for your kind consideration.

Reply: You request is most unreasonable….I cannot suit your whims and fancies .. I have to go to Church on Sunday and on Saturday is the only day I have my free time to do my things — to visit the orphans, friends etc.I have people coming to be from Bali, middle of Sumatra, Kalimantan etc and they don’t behave like that. Read what I wrote in my website …..

Hi Dr. Chris,

My apologies as I wasn’t aware that to request for appointment aside from the usual clinical hours is in reference to Mon-Fri 1030am – 12pm. Noted and aware that it is subject to your availability. I know my request is rather unorthodox and I would never think nor expect your goodself to meet my everywhims and fancies hence the request.

As such, it is a challenge that as a family, I will need to resolve with my family members. I thank you for your time and will make a new appointment time with your goodself again if required, otherwise we will abide by the usual clinical hours.

I sincerely applaud on your compassion and kindness towards the lesser fortunate ones. It is really commendable of you as not many are able or want to extend that helping hand. I too have the same strong belief of helping others whenever and best to my capability. And so I sincerely thank you for being another person giving that little piece of hope and love to others.

 Reply: Yes– you  can request for appointment on Mondays to Fridays only from 10.30 to 12 noon …and that too is dependent  if I am free …. Yes. that does not mean that patients can pick any day … Melaka is not far …read what I wrote in blue below.


1.      A Long Journey From Home to Penang 

MN (S-81) is a 56-year-old lady from Indonesia. They live in Labuan Batu, a town south of Medan. Coming to Penang is a long journey indeed. From home, first they had to travel for 9 hours by bus (or 6 hours by train) to  Medan. After an overnight stay in Medan, they took a plane to Penang.

Many Indonesian patients who come to seek our help need to travel from afar.  We empathize with them. This is indeed a test of their commitment and a testimony of their real desire of wanting to help themselves. In contrast, we have phone calls and e-mails from patients who live just a few miles away and yet they complained that it is difficult to come and see us. They prefer consultation over the phone. Similarly we have patients from Sarawak, Sabah or Singapore who only want us to help them through the phone or internet. Unfortunately, we cannot help such patients. It is better that they go and seek help from herbalists nearby their homes. Life is easier that way – for them and also for us.

Prostate Cancer – advice on radiotherapy? No make your own decision

Hi Chris.

Would appreciate your advice on radiotherapy … Would the herbs aid with radiotherapy … We are in two minds about radiotherapy although a few consultants suggest hormone therapy with radiotherapy would be the best treatment. What do you suggest? Many thanks for your all your help.

Reply:  You came. You bought my book on: Healing Prostate Cancer Naturally. Everything is in there. I have written enough! Make your own decision after reading the book. I have nothing to say.


Pancreatic Cancer – There is no magic here

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

Good evening and how are you, Dr?  Hope you’d recovered from the flu.

We were at your centre on 3/2/12 for our brother with pancreatic cancer from Melaka.  You’d prescribed the above plus Capsules A & B.   My bro’s day will start with breakfast with 2 capsules A & B.  2h later, pancrea 1 followed by liver 1 after 2 hours.  Lunch with capsules A & B.  2 hours later, pancrea 2 and 2 hours after dinner liver 2.   Today is the 7th day he’s taking your herbs, diligently.

Due to the number of herbs that he has to take every day, he’s feeling full all the time.  This has affected his appetite for lunch and dinner.   He’s also complaining about feeling very heaty (internally) and very lethargic as he’s not eating well, lost about 8 kg in 2 weeks.

Is this normal, Doctor?  Is there any way we could help him overcome this discomfort, Doctor?

Thank you very much, Doctor.  Truly appreciate your kind assistance.

Reply: Do your best and continue doing what you are doing.  A week on herbs. There is no magic here … pancreatic cancer is the worst problem we can ever have.


From Iran: Sarcoma that spread even after chemo, surgery and surgery

Hello Chris

I am from IRAN and am one of those so called terminally ill cancer patients which the doctors tell : “Go Home” and seek help from you.

Almost 2 years ago when I was 23, I had a swelling in the lower part of my right leg usually without any pain but after several month it began to hurt and through MRI and biopsy I was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, at that time the CTs and x-rays and bone scan did not show any metastasis to other parts of the body, So the doctor amputated my leg 10 cm below my knee in order for the cancer not to spread.

After two month of the surgery, I went on chemotherapy six session (each time 3 day), the whole chemo took about 5 month and the drugs used were Mensa, ifosfamide and Adriamycin. I had several problems during the chemo period but the most important was that my WBC went such low (under 2000 and even 1000) that I should be hospitalized about 5 days for that, each time. With all the difficulties I had finished the chemo, and the CT should there was no sign of tumor anywhere (about 7 month after initial diagnosis). It was OK until about 9 month ago ( and almost 10 month after the last chemo session ) that the chest  x-ray (which I normally did every 3 month for check up), showed that the cancer had metastasized in both my lungs.

The doctors told the most effective way is surgery not chemo, so I underwent two separate surgeries (one 2 month after the other) each one on one side of the lung but only 4 month after the second surgery the  x-ray  showed the recurrence in both my lungs! Now the doctors are almost hopeless and one of them tells I can examine the new chemo drugs but I really don’t want since I believe chemo is harsh and useless!

From about 2 month ago a lump also has grown on the upper part of my leg (probably another metastasis), apart from that I fall short of breath while walking and even continuous talking and have coughing but not much. Apart from these I have no problem eating or sleeping.

It is not a month that I became familiar with alternative medicine approaches like CA Care therapy

I should add I really believe in the role of diet and body-mind connection and I am working on my spiritual attitude along with my diet. I have totally quit eating meat and diary and cooked food and have been eating only raw vegetables and fruits for in recent 2 weeks until now. My disease is horrible but I believe that God helps me.

I have heard and read about your institute and read your cancer war book but since I am far from your country and its hard for me to travel. I wrote this email maybe you help me.

I know you are very busy but please help me with any possible food and diet recipe or any other thing that maybe useful (for example your tea and how they are made). Since almost all my medical reports including pathology and previous scan reports are in Farsi (Persian) I only send you the last chest x-ray and blood test. God Bless you and thank you very much


Pancreatic Cancer: Chemo in Singapore and Treatment in China did not help. Three months to live

Hi Dr. Chris, good afternoon.

My name is Din from Jakarta, Indonesia. I was introduced to you by Mr. Hua from Indonesia.

Dr. Chris, my mom is getting pancreatic cancer (diagnosed last year June 2011). She has already got chemotherapy treatment in Singapore from June until Oct 2011 and then in Nov 2011, she went to X Hospital Guangzhou China to undergo Cryosurgery, Nano Chemo. She already received several times of nano chemo treatment in China.Last week, she went to do PET/CT SCAN in China and found the cancer has metastased to colon and liver.

Afterwards, Doctor did cryosurgery for liver cancer but for tumor cancer, it can’t. So they planted Iodine 125 seeds. But today, Doctor said that probably it remains 3 months only for my mom.

So our family is looking for alternative treatment and we’re told about your treatment in Penang.

Dr.Chris, could you pls advise what to do next? Should we bring our mom to Penang to see you ?

She’s  still in good condition now. Can walk, can eat etc. She is now 70 years old. Weight is around 59 kg, height 170 cm.Or is it better I come first to bring all the data?

Thank you Dr.Chris.

Hi Dr.Chris, good morning.

We already planned to fly to Penang on Friday. It’s by Air Asia morning 5.00 am. So when arrive, do we directly go to your place ? Or is it 3 pm according to Pak Teddy?

Btw, my mum condition now is still OK. The last condition of my mum, her stomach is a bit bloating so Dr in China releases the fluid from her stomach through a hose (from stomach) into a bag. The fluid color is a bit brown (old yellow) . Dr said that it is protein (probably liver problem ?). Thank you Dr.Chris.

Reply:  You can come to my centre directly in the morning on Friday. But if you want to go to the apartment / hotel to rest first, it is also good. You have to wake up early at 3 am and travel. Your mother is very tired. Better for you to rest first and come to see me at 3 pm. But if you want to see me immediately in the morning, it is also okay.

Ovarian Cancer – Soursop Leaves or Daun Sirsak Did Not Help

To the Honorable Doctor CHRISKHTEO in place. Greetings

DOCTOR I come from INDONESIA (JAKARTA), doctor to doctor begging me can be help heal my mama. My mom (68 YEARS) positive ovarian cancer (ovarian), mama I’ve been doing removal of the tumor in December 2011, and according to the local doctor my mom was on stadium3 (in December) with CA 125 levels: 166, and referring to mama RS.DHARMAIS for me to go on chemotherapy.

Because the condition of my mother’s thin (weight 40 KG) and our economy is not possible then our family decided to take the medication / herbal therapy. Herbal therapy to date that we use is that in the boiled leaves of the soursop with 3×1 intake, and eating foods such as white rice, vegetables, broccoli, tomatoes, fish, snapper and fruit juices such as apples, beets, kiwi fruit, papaya fruit and fruit I mixed the wine and juice into a glass every day.

My mom now is the condition of enlarged abdomen (ascites) and the levels of CA 125: 220.

TEO doctors here are some questions that I wanted to ask:
1. Doctor of what I should do on the condition of my mother like this?
2. Our family doctor urgently need your assistance and if permitted to meet you please where we can meet or consult with you?
3. Doctors give input for the healing of my mama.
4. Doctor “SORRY” what should I ask my mom for the treatment of disease to therapy in CA CARE (PENANG MALAYSIA) approximately how much should I take? Sorry once again, because we are from the middle to bottom, we must prepare in advance.


Lung Cancer: Father Died

29 Febraury 2012, 9.22 pm  

Dear Dr. Chris and Aunty Beng Im,

I want to inform you that my father, Mr. Lias Sentosa from Indonesia, had died on Thursday, 16 February 2012. I want to thank you for all your treatment to my father during his sickness. Until his last days, he still take your herbs and do the e-therapy. I believe that your herbs and the therapy do bring goodness to him. He died without suffering (no pain and no difficulty in breathing, he died in his sleep). I believe that he already happier right now, free from his sickness and rest in a peaceful place.

Thank you for remembering my father among your patients. We, family, are happy to know you also. You gave a medication, with a personal touch, that we hardly find anywhere else. We learn a lot from you about healthy life style.

Liver-Lung-Bone Cancer from Jakarta – come and see me, writing e-mail will not do!

Dear Dr. Chris,

My name is PK and I would like to ask you some questions regarding to my wife illness. My wife (named L, aged 50 years) has liver cancer and already spread to the back bone and a bit to the lung based on abdomen & thorax CT scans done in Nov. 2011 and biopsy also done in Dec 2011. Knowing the disease we are looking for medical treatment or herbal healing and fortunately my friend Mr. Tukiman recommended us to go to you or your representative in Jakarta, Mr. Teddy

After meeting him he gave my wife the herbal tea and she started taking the herbal as prescribed on the 23 December 2011; she took the herbal consistency and also very careful  the food she ate (totally vegetarian and no fried food or sugar as well) she also sleep at 9 pm and avoid stress, but until this day 27 January she is still complaining about the pain on her left legs (under legs) and also her upper thigh which make her difficult to walk.

And my questions are:
– How long would this herbal medicine took effect
– How do we monitor her disease,because up till now we did not go to  any doctor here.
– Is it necessary that we come to you for further observation or do you have any suggestion that we should do next.

Your early reply will be much appreciated thank you.

Reply: Trying to help people in front of a computer will not do. If you really want me to help your wife, come and see me with all her medical reports.

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