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From Iran: Sarcoma that spread even after chemo, surgery and surgery

Hello Chris

I am from IRAN and am one of those so called terminally ill cancer patients which the doctors tell : “Go Home” and seek help from you.

Almost 2 years ago when I was 23, I had a swelling in the lower part of my right leg usually without any pain but after several month it began to hurt and through MRI and biopsy I was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, at that time the CTs and x-rays and bone scan did not show any metastasis to other parts of the body, So the doctor amputated my leg 10 cm below my knee in order for the cancer not to spread.

After two month of the surgery, I went on chemotherapy six session (each time 3 day), the whole chemo took about 5 month and the drugs used were Mensa, ifosfamide and Adriamycin. I had several problems during the chemo period but the most important was that my WBC went such low (under 2000 and even 1000) that I should be hospitalized about 5 days for that, each time. With all the difficulties I had finished the chemo, and the CT should there was no sign of tumor anywhere (about 7 month after initial diagnosis). It was OK until about 9 month ago ( and almost 10 month after the last chemo session ) that the chest  x-ray (which I normally did every 3 month for check up), showed that the cancer had metastasized in both my lungs.

The doctors told the most effective way is surgery not chemo, so I underwent two separate surgeries (one 2 month after the other) each one on one side of the lung but only 4 month after the second surgery the  x-ray  showed the recurrence in both my lungs! Now the doctors are almost hopeless and one of them tells I can examine the new chemo drugs but I really don’t want since I believe chemo is harsh and useless!

From about 2 month ago a lump also has grown on the upper part of my leg (probably another metastasis), apart from that I fall short of breath while walking and even continuous talking and have coughing but not much. Apart from these I have no problem eating or sleeping.

It is not a month that I became familiar with alternative medicine approaches like CA Care therapy

I should add I really believe in the role of diet and body-mind connection and I am working on my spiritual attitude along with my diet. I have totally quit eating meat and diary and cooked food and have been eating only raw vegetables and fruits for in recent 2 weeks until now. My disease is horrible but I believe that God helps me.

I have heard and read about your institute and read your cancer war book but since I am far from your country and its hard for me to travel. I wrote this email maybe you help me.

I know you are very busy but please help me with any possible food and diet recipe or any other thing that maybe useful (for example your tea and how they are made). Since almost all my medical reports including pathology and previous scan reports are in Farsi (Persian) I only send you the last chest x-ray and blood test. God Bless you and thank you very much


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