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Kidney Problem – Go see you doctor

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am writing on behalf of my brother who is from Jakarta – Indonesia. He is 39 years old, married, blessed with 7 year old son and expecting the second child currently.

We got your name from my relative who is living in Medan – Indonesia. We would like to discuss with you before my brother travel down to Penang and to consult with you further on his situation. My brother is having kidney’s issue which according to the lab result that his kidney is shrinking and now can only function properly between 10% – 15%. This is without symptom at all as he does not feel anything happen to his body. The only thing he notice is a foam in his urine. Currently he is being advised to have tight control on his food.

Below are the lab result :

– Right longitude  approx. 7.8cm, Left approx 7.5cm

– Index resistance measurement for right kidney = 0.75m, Left kidney = 0.74

– Creatinin measurement 587.8 umol/L (Normal 61.9 – 114.9)

– Protein in Urine measurement 95 mg/dL

Attached lab result taken in Penang at early Feb 2012, and the others are the lab result taken in Jakarta at end of Jan 2012.

Based on my brother’s information above, We have few questions before we travel to Penang to look for you for further checking :

–  How long and how many times do you think the treatment is required ? (Understood your consultation timing is only Friday and Sunday, and considering that my brother is staying in Jakarta)

–  How much is the consultation fee? And what type of costs will occur during the treatment ?

–  Can we know whether the treatment or during the treatment required him to stay in hospital ?

–  How to register for consultation ?

We hope you can respond this to me fast as we are quite anxious on the situation. Please do let us know if you require more information on this.

Reply: Please go and see your doctor and ask him to help you.


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