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Pancreatic Cancer – There is no magic here

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

Good evening and how are you, Dr?  Hope you’d recovered from the flu.

We were at your centre on 3/2/12 for our brother with pancreatic cancer from Melaka.  You’d prescribed the above plus Capsules A & B.   My bro’s day will start with breakfast with 2 capsules A & B.  2h later, pancrea 1 followed by liver 1 after 2 hours.  Lunch with capsules A & B.  2 hours later, pancrea 2 and 2 hours after dinner liver 2.   Today is the 7th day he’s taking your herbs, diligently.

Due to the number of herbs that he has to take every day, he’s feeling full all the time.  This has affected his appetite for lunch and dinner.   He’s also complaining about feeling very heaty (internally) and very lethargic as he’s not eating well, lost about 8 kg in 2 weeks.

Is this normal, Doctor?  Is there any way we could help him overcome this discomfort, Doctor?

Thank you very much, Doctor.  Truly appreciate your kind assistance.

Reply: Do your best and continue doing what you are doing.  A week on herbs. There is no magic here … pancreatic cancer is the worst problem we can ever have.


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