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Special Appointment to See Patient that Is Suitable for You? Be reasonable!

Hi Dr. Chris,

I would like to make an appointment with you for Madam L on 11 March at 11am. As we’re travelling up from KL on Saturday and leaving on Sunday, it will be quite a challenge for us to drive back to KL after seeing you at your usual 7-9pm. The journey is long and tiring.

…. So far to date, she is feeling ok and her body doesn’t feel cold anymore. As such this appointment will be for a post follow-up consultation from the first and to check her body balance again for improvement.

Do kindly confirm if you’re able to meet at this time,otherwise is there another suitable date on Sunday to see you in the morning? Thank you. Have a good week ahead.

Reply:  I am sorry I don’t see patients on Saturday or Sunday morning …. you can come on Sunday night and drive home on Monday morning.

Hi Dr. Chris,

I understand this is aside from your usual clinical hours but as we’re from outstation, we were told during our first appointment that we can request for appointment aside from the usual clinical hours. I know this is strenuous on your schedule but it is a challenge for us to be taking leave every other month in the long run as we don’ have enough leave from our company. I hope you can make an exception as it is we’re already sending my mother to Pantai in Melaka every month.  Do kindly reconsider our request. I sincerely thank you for your kind consideration.

Reply: You request is most unreasonable….I cannot suit your whims and fancies .. I have to go to Church on Sunday and on Saturday is the only day I have my free time to do my things — to visit the orphans, friends etc.I have people coming to be from Bali, middle of Sumatra, Kalimantan etc and they don’t behave like that. Read what I wrote in my website …..

Hi Dr. Chris,

My apologies as I wasn’t aware that to request for appointment aside from the usual clinical hours is in reference to Mon-Fri 1030am – 12pm. Noted and aware that it is subject to your availability. I know my request is rather unorthodox and I would never think nor expect your goodself to meet my everywhims and fancies hence the request.

As such, it is a challenge that as a family, I will need to resolve with my family members. I thank you for your time and will make a new appointment time with your goodself again if required, otherwise we will abide by the usual clinical hours.

I sincerely applaud on your compassion and kindness towards the lesser fortunate ones. It is really commendable of you as not many are able or want to extend that helping hand. I too have the same strong belief of helping others whenever and best to my capability. And so I sincerely thank you for being another person giving that little piece of hope and love to others.

 Reply: Yes– you  can request for appointment on Mondays to Fridays only from 10.30 to 12 noon …and that too is dependent  if I am free …. Yes. that does not mean that patients can pick any day … Melaka is not far …read what I wrote in blue below.


1.      A Long Journey From Home to Penang 

MN (S-81) is a 56-year-old lady from Indonesia. They live in Labuan Batu, a town south of Medan. Coming to Penang is a long journey indeed. From home, first they had to travel for 9 hours by bus (or 6 hours by train) to  Medan. After an overnight stay in Medan, they took a plane to Penang.

Many Indonesian patients who come to seek our help need to travel from afar.  We empathize with them. This is indeed a test of their commitment and a testimony of their real desire of wanting to help themselves. In contrast, we have phone calls and e-mails from patients who live just a few miles away and yet they complained that it is difficult to come and see us. They prefer consultation over the phone. Similarly we have patients from Sarawak, Sabah or Singapore who only want us to help them through the phone or internet. Unfortunately, we cannot help such patients. It is better that they go and seek help from herbalists nearby their homes. Life is easier that way – for them and also for us.

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