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Cancer from Kuching – No mail order please!

Dear Prof Dr Chris Teo,

I have a close friend now undergoing kidney dialysis treatment on 24 hours for 5 days at Kuching Normah hospital till this coming Thursday due to high level of urine poison. On top of this, the hospiatal also discovers he has a few lumps on area between his small and big intestines which are diagonosed to be cancerous. The family is trying to find out the most suitable herbs available, and your name is also mentioned on internet showing your discovery of this keladi tikus to be effective for treatment.  Wonder is we can order a pack of 2 bottles containing 90 capsules from your office to deliver to my Kg office as below,

Reply: Sorry we don’t  do mail order. We need to see the patient or at least the relative. We need to see the medical reports too.

Lung Cancer from Singapore – already a year on chemo

Dear Dr. Chris,

A friend gave us your Website. I am a lung cancer patient, diagnosed with Advance Non Small Cell Lung Carcinoma, have been and still going through chemo therapy for more than a year.

Last week had the fluid drained from my right lung. My husband and I decide to consult you for treatment. We are from Singapore and do not know how far is your clinic from the airport. How much do you charge for your fee and medication. Do I need to stay at your clinic during the treatment.

Reply: Since you are still on chemo and also have been on chemo for that long, I am not sure if you really need my help. If there is still fluid in the lungs it just means the chemo is useless? But I am not going to ask you to stop doing it … it is your choice.

My only problem is the chemo can kill but when patients take my herbs and die they will blame my herbs not the chemo. Because of that I would rather you finish with all your medical treatments. And when you have nowhere else to go after that.then come and see me.


Hopeless Lung Cancer Case – 77 year old from Medan

Dr. Chris K.H.Teo,

Good morning. I am In from Medan, Indonesia. Sorry for disturbing u this early morning. I wanna ask a favour from doctor, becoz from what I heard about u, u’re really kind doctor, who really wanna help people for living.

My grandma, 77 years old, has been told had a stage 3 lung cancer since 6th January 2012. In Medan, they don’t have such of equipment to detect her stage of cancer for now. We just keep d data from Penang about her lung cancer (stage3). After we knew she had this lung cancer, the doctor in Penang wanna do biopsy for chemo. But the family didn’t agree. My grandma went back home till 13th January her face and hands started to grow bigger. Like there’s water inside. Then we brought her to the nearest hospital. She got infuse etc. But there’s no improvement, till we go to a specialist. He said, our grandma doesn’t have any more hope. According to him, the only way to save her is  chemotherapy. But according to her condition now, she has no way for doing chemotherapy.

She was in the ICU for about 2weeks. Till her condition, is more stable, now we move her to the normal  ward. Her blood pressure today is 140/70. Body temperature is 36 degree Celcius. She does not  understand what we are talking about. She always says something that has no connection to our reality. So, according to my story, do u want to handle her? Maybe u r the one who can save her life. Every doctor in Medan has no solution any more.

Reply:  Well, I don’t know what to say. When Vivi came to see me, her mother was also like your grandma … cannot recognise people … but after she took the herbs … she was better. Of course your grandma is old. Chemo is not going to help. Can my herbs help? I cannot promise. If you want to come and see me you can come. Bring me all the medical reports and X-rays etc … can she drink herbs? If she can, you can try, but if the family thinks there is no use to try then no need.

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