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Thyroid Cancer from Singapore

Hi Prof Teo,

I have recently came to know about u through forwarded email. I have been diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer of stage three by Singapore General Hospital in July 2011. I was asked to go for an immediate surgery for the removal of my thyroid as the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. I have many tumor around my neck area some as the size of chick pea. My thyroid is very enlarged then. I was told that after the surgery they will send me for radiation so as to kill the cancer cell. I refused to heed the advice of the doctors as I have heard a lot of story of how chemo and radiation do harm than good.

I seek alternative by taking herbal supplement such as swallowing gingko biloba, spirullina, ginseng, sea kelp, vitamin c, chlorophyll and not forgetting keladi tikus which I ordered from Malaysia. I changed my diet and I am on fruits and vegetables with no rice and bread or any carbohydrates since September 2011.

In January 2012, I have been consulting an alternative therapy in Johor with treatment using ozone and IV of 12000mg of Vitamin C and the whole range of Vitamin B.

After reading the testimonies of your cancer patients, I wonder if the treatment I am going through is enough for my survival from this cancer thus I seek you honest opinion. I am currently having pain in my left arm, neck the left side of my brain. A doctor suspected that the cancer is spreading towards my brain region. I have not done any recent CT scan thus I am just keeping my finger cross.

By the way, I have a friend with stage 4 ovarian cancer who had done surgery and a few chemo therapy in SGH and she is currently going through the same treatment as me.

I seek your help to suggest what is good for my recovery as well as advice for my 55 years old friend.

Thank You,  H (41 years old)

Brain Cancer from Sri Lanka: He Died

Dear Mr. Chris,

I would like to know what ingredients e found in the Brain Tea & Capsule A.

My husband also underwent a brain surgery for a tumor found between the brain stem & cerebellum. After the surgery he did not regain conscious as fluid filled in the brain and due to pressure the brain swelled. This is because the Dr. had not put the V.P. shunt for the draining of the fluid.

My husband was in an unconscious state and very gradually gained little conscious after about 8mths and lived for 3 yrs in a semi vegetative state with feeding done through a peg tube and breathing with a tracheostomy. He finally passed away 3 mths back following a brain seizure.

I am very interested in knowing the miraculous effect of the herbal drug and I really regret that such miraculous healing medicines  never came to light when I was looking for various recovery treatment for my husband.

Thanks & best regards,

Severe Headache from USA

AS, Age 11, Male, USA

He has had migraines for about 5 years.  We think they began when he was 6 and cut his chin open to the bone from a fall.  We have taken AS to a pediatric neurologist, a chiropractor (for a year and a half), an allergist.  WE’ve tried a course of mild antihistamines, which just caused him to gain wait.  We’ve tried CoQ10, and magnesium.  He’s stopped eating chocolate and cheese at various times.   He eats fairly healthy: no caffeine, almost no HFCS, lots of organic/local foods, raw milk, fresh eggs from our chickens….

His migraines are all over his head.  He said he never really thinks about where they specifically are.   He gets auras:  feels like he’s getting a headache but doesn’t officially have a headache, he also gets nauseous, but hasn’t thrown up in 2 years.

He is a good sleeper, and requires a lot of sleep. When it’s bedtime, he’s out like a light.  Everything else about Asher is normal: Bowels: good, breathing: good,  Gastric problems: no, Diabetes:no, High blood pressure:no

Sorry you didn’t get the info.  I checked the previous email, and for some reason the form emailed you without my info!  Darn computers!

My cousin, at age 21, committed suicide because of her migraines.  She was 21.  She was an adopted cousin, so no blood-ties, but…what can I say….Thanks.

Metastatic Kidney Cancer

Hi Dr Chris,
Greetings in the Lord.
I found your website while trying to check out cheaper Sutent but to no avail. My father has just been diagnosed with end stage kidney cancer with Mets. Out has spread to lung. CT thorax shows that there are nodules all over the lung and seems to be having 1 or 2 nodules at the thyroid. We only learnt abt him having cancer 2 Weeks ago during ultrasound scan at the kidney. He a kidney patient and has undergone HD since 2009 March.

We are currently at loss and don’t know what we should do next. So far, he has no serious symptom except for continuous loss of weight, lack of appetite, lethargic and occasional cough.

Abt Sutent, let alone the almost unaffordable cost, we are also worried that he might developed all those side effect being declared by the drug manufacturer. Would you pls recommend something to us? We desperately need help. Also notice tht you are selling herbs capsules, may I know how I can get them and at what price? He has just started juicing SSG at around 100 leaves per day. Will there be clashes with your herbal remedy?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

From Someone with Breast Cancer in Singapore: Everyone I speak to says I am mad

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

I am very impressed by your life work. I want to say you have done great work with your knowledge. I wish there were more people like you here in Singapore. I am from Ipoh but my grandparents were from Penang, maybe you have heard my grandfather C T L, who was also a doctor who practised in Kedah.

I have recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, 2 days before my 44th Birthday. I have a few lumps, because it is Lobular Carcinoma In Situ and Invasive as they found some cells in the sclerotic and fat. I was upset initially, but I was prepared 50% when I went to get the news. I did not cry, because a fact is a fact. Sometimes life is unpleasant but then it cannot always be sweet. In my heart I already know chemo and radiation is dangerous, because my father and his brothers all had cancer, they did the cut, burn, and poison thing and died anyway.

My Dad was worse he was in remission, but I think chemo altered his brain, after being in remission for a while suddenly one day he took a taxi to a high rise and jumped to his death. We never knew why.

Since my diagnosis I have resolved NOT  to do any of the treatments, no surgery as it has been documented in the Annals of Surgery by surgeon themselves that it spreads the cancer cells the reason being your immune system will be down and the cells can travel freely to seed themselves else where and then you will have metastasis. Radiation is known to cause cancer so it will be silly to even go there. Chemo is even worse as it is a very strong toxin. Which can alter your DNA and endanger you family as you will be very toxic to them too, which I am not sure is mentioned to either patient of their loved ones.

I am very young and feel super healthy. Moreover, I am not afraid to die, but if I did it will be on my terms. Not as a pawn of big pharmaceuticals and hospital peddling poison and radiation. As well as surgery that disfigures with no reason as the cancer will came back or spread. Also I think to myself cancer is not that special; it is also a part of me. It must be some imbalance that causes this.

I strongly feel that doctors only treat the symptom the tumour, but do not address the underlying problem which is why our body cannot fight back. My husband has an analogy; he said if your enemy is fighting a war using bullets, docs are like generals who deploy the nuclear bomb with not only kill the enemies but your own soldiers as well as spread radiation and toxin everywhere.

Anyway, I have changed my diet, I only drink juice, eat very litter raw food, take enzymes, detox my live and take flaxseed oil. I also am taking a bit of iodine as I have a hormone imbalance with my tumor being ER and PR positive. My lump is still small the largest only being 2 cm.

I also exercise daily and meditate. I feel a connection to your work that is why I am writing after seeing all the videos on the unnecessary suffering. When I am better, I will make a trip to meet you. I also feel if I am brave and beat this I can show people that doctors do not always have your best interest at heart and sometime you have to have the self-confidence to question them. Like if no cure  why still have to do the Chemo?

Everyone I speak to says I am mad. I think I have been given a chance to effect some change, maybe I can save my love ones and my friends from going down the slippery slope of surgery, chemo and radiation my life will have been worth living.

Anyway, you must think it strange for some person whom you do not know to send you this rambling email. I think it is important that we stand up and be counted when evil is being done to sick cancer patient. If we all look away then we are as guilty as these people who perpetuate these horrors on thousands and with only suffering and death as the end result.

One more thing can I ask you about papaya leaf extract? And your thoughts on it for breast cancer.

Thank you again for your time I hope you will continue this great work.

Regards, SH


Liver Cancer – Six Months to Live

Dear Dr Chris,

Good morning to you.

I’m writing to you through a friend recommendation. I’m not the patient. But my father is. He is diagnosed with 4th stage liver cancer. There’s no hope for liver transplant anymore.

All that we can hope for is a different approach to deal with this,  be it through nutrition or herbal while waiting for Miracle.

Doctor in Singapore gives him 6 months.

His condition is somewhat weak. But high in spirit and that also due to his belief in Jesus. He’s taking medication for liver etc.

At one stage he had internal bleeding but that had stopped. His legs were swollen due to water retention, the medication helped him to pass urine.

He is a diabetic but that he has control of.

I understand that it is very difficult for you to somewhat entertain this email but due to his current condition, it might be difficult for him to travel. If necessary, myself or my brother can fly there.

This is not a prank email. I’m just a concern person about my father.

I hope you can help a fellow Christian.

Best regards.

Reply: If you believe in what we do, come and see me with all the medical reports and scans. We help people who need our help irrespective of their religion! 

Metastatic Cervical Cancer from Belgium: Gone to liver after chemo

Hello, Chris!
I read few stories on the page on the net and I decide to write to you. My name is Mi. I am 36 years old and I have cervical cancer. I had surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The primary tumor is gone, two years ago, but I have metastases on the lymph nodes and right now on the liver. The metastases on the liver came on the time of chemotherapy for the nodes. So I I was wondering what can you offer for my case? I am willing to fight and try to cure those metastases. I do not think the chemotherapy will help. I forgot to say I am living in Belgium, Europe. Is there something we can do for me?
Best regards.

Ovarian Cyst

Dr Chris,

According to ultrasound done on 27/3/12 I have a right ovarian cyst measuring 4.7x 3.5 cm (not fluid type) and a few small follicular cysts in left ovary.

The right ovarian cyst existed more than 5 years ago and not much changes in size. Could you advise what herbal tea to take or do I need to undergo operation ?


Reply: Take GY 5 and GY 6 everyday.

Thymoma, Lymphoma or Germ Cell Cancer from Singapore

Good day Chris,

I am W from Singapore and I have recently discovered a 13x10x5 cm tumour in my mediastinal region, in front of my lung and heart. I have gone through cacare.com and I found many truths, especially the misuse of chemotherapy and all. And also, that God loves us and we must have faith in Him no matter through good or bad times.

I have never questioned God why must it be me, nor asked him why must it be now. I am taking my accidental discovery of this tumour with a lot of positivity. There are many people who love me and care about my health condition. Therefore I do not wish to make any misinformed decision to just purely go ahead with what all so-called medical specialist has advised.

I am 25 years old, non-smoker, exercise regularly and has always led a healthy lifestyle.

The doctors’ initial assessment are that it may either be a lymphoma, thymoma, or germ cell tumour, and are recommending that I undergo chemotherapy to counter the tumour. A biopsy has yet been done, but it has been arranged for over the next couple of days.

I am wondering, whether there is any advice which you will be able to give me at this stage, or would recommend for me.I went through the list of teas and herbs recommended by cacare and found lymphoma teas which potentially could help, any advice on this? really appreciate if any, thanks.

Reply:  Thank you W for writing. Yes, even if there are many horror stories and truth about the medical world, we still need medical help if and when it is necessary. It is indeed peculiar …within these 2 weeks, I saw two other cases like yours … all involving young adult …last night a young man  came with a big tumour like yours in his chest…a week ago, another 29-yr old came …he went through 3 rounds of chemo and gave up…no cure. It is really sad.

Unfortunately, from my 16 years of helping cancer patients, I only saw no more than ten cases like yours … so, I don’t have any meaningful data to rely on. I still think that you need to go to the doctors and see if they can get rid of the tumour in your chest …that is through surgery or chemo…and after that is done, we can think of herbs.

I am sorry that is about all I can say for now …you are still young, it may be worth trying out …but only to a point that you can accept what is being done to you. Last night this young man had 2 cycles of chemo and he said he cannot take it anymore,  but I encouraged him to still do the chemo but take herbs at the same time. This is because I don’t know what else I can do to help.

Take care and let me know if I can help in any way.



Do you really need to write email if you are in Penang?

Prof. Teo,
This is Lim from Penang. Actually I came across your very informative website and I have few questions regarding the NPC tea. Before I start throwing questions to you, please allow me to share some information about myself. My dad passed away 3 years ago because of NPC and now I started to develop some of the early symptoms of this disease, such as persistent stuffy nose on one side, ringing sound in my ear, occasional blood stained mucus especially early in the morning, regular sinus infections (once every few months) and etc. As a precaution step, I did EB virus screening on yearly basis and the result is negative. And recently, I also did a biopsy during my ENT clinic visit as the doctor found an abnormal mass in my nostril. Thanks god, the result is again negative. My question would be: do you think the herbs, especially the NPC tea, can at least do some good to me? The incalcitrant sinus infection is annoying, even though, I have the history of hay fever before. Up till this moment, i still can’t find a reason for the reoccuring for it. Actually, I’ve read your book (download from your website) and can’t find the answer on how herbs can help ordinary but with high risk factor people like me? Your insights on this matter is greatly appreciated.


P.S. I lead a very healthy life-style with daily jogging of 5 km and more during the weekend, practice vegetarian + fish diet, completely cutting out sugar and high caffeine drinks from my menu, regular sleeping hour, and more importantly a happy life.

Reply: If you are in Penang, just come and see me. Why write e-mail?

Colon and Metastatic Breast Cancer from the USA

My name is H. My mom who is 66 years old has metastatic breast cancer. She was diagnosed with breast & colon cancer in 2008. The colon cancer was stage I and was removed via surgery. My mom’s breast cancer on the other hand has metastasized to her bone and now her liver and kidney. I can provide you with her medical records and anything you need. I would like a reply back if you think you could help me. I would still like to see my mom happy, walking & having a conversation with us. Please if you could reply back or call my cell phone xxxxx  we live in America. Please I beg you to please give me a response. Thank you much!

Reply: It is very very difficult for me to help people half a world away from me.

I understand. Thank you for your immediate response. I just have one question, my moms GI problems to where the doctors say her food doesn’t flow to her intestines anymore so she’s not allowed any food and also her liver isn’t filtering therefore when ammonia builds she gets in a state of confusion. I have looked around for doctors but I’ve been unsuccessful. Her oncologist team hasn’t really given up yet. In fact they themselves are also relying on some type of miracle to happen in order to start my mom’s chemotherapy. If there’s anything you can suggest. Like you said way of living, things to be done differently.

Colon cancer and surgery

Dear, Mr.Chris

My father, 75 y’o, have been diagnosed suffering a cancer in his colon. it’s stadium haven’t known yet. Some doctor have  recommended to do an ampoutation to his colon. His medical history says that he had a surgery to remove his gallstone about 10 years ago. About 1,5 years ago, he had done a aortic aneurysm, hypertension. His weight is 45kgs, height 160 Cms. May i ask you about risk analysis for my father to do surgery colon amputation?

Reply:  I wonder why don’t you ask your doctor?

A Medical Doctor with Multiple Myeloma

Dear Dr Chris,

I am a Medical Doctor and was diagnosed as having Multiple Myeloma  April 2010 and had radiation and was taking Curcumin 8gms a day and managed to control the disease till Feb 2012 when a PET CT was done they found the disease has spread to my ribs,spine and scapula. Now I have no choice but to go on Chemo as much as I do not want to do it. Since reading some articles on the web about the cured patients with MM, I would like to have your advice on what is the best solution in terms of alternative treatment. Please let me know how I can get the herbs and what is the procedure in getting the herbs from you.


Reply:  Unfortunately doc., MM is a very rare cancer to me, and in my 16 yrs I encountered no more than 5 cases. So I don’t know what I can do to help you. Also you know that chemo is very destructive and would not cure. So it is really hard for me to say much, unlike other cancers which I see very often.

If you think I can help you in anyway, you are welcome to come to Penang and discuss …come on any day from Mon to Friday at about 10.30 am. This is a special time I allocate to those on appointment who are from out of town.

I do have patients who are medical doctors and they accept my ways and follow what I tell them. But there are also doctors who tell me outright after talking for hours that they don’t believe in what I do, in spite of the fact that all chemos that they went through FAILED .So, to be honest with you again, you know where you are on this. If you are skeptical or doubtful about herbs, then please find someone else or do something better. May be you should find or try others first before coming to me. I understand coming to Penang itself is a big effort. And writing email or phone call will not do.

Breast Cancer – views from a patient who is also an oncology nurse

Hi Dr. Teo,

This is truly a GOD send ! All the while I have been following your blogs since my own breast cancer diagnosis last February 2011 and I have been looking for answers whether to follow my oncologist’s suggestions on Tamoxifen. Through routine mammogram and ultrasound tests last year, results showed some ‘calcifications’ in my R breast so I had a lumpectomy done and pathology results showed HIGH GRADE 3 DCIS 6-7 MM in diameter completely excised. Thankfully, sentinel node bx showed nil nodes involvement of the disease. I also had 24 fractions of radiotherapy to the R breast post surgery. My breast surgeon says I am ‘disease free,’ however my oncologist thinks that due to the high grade nature of the disease, I should be on Tamoxifen for some time to prevent a recurrence of the disease in the L breast as I do have a history of fibrocystic breasts. Hence I have been on Tamoxifen since last August 2011.

I am very aware of the side effects of such so called ‘anti-cancer’ drugs but I am also worried about the ‘what if ‘ too for not taking on the oncologist’s medical advice. Being an oncologist nurse myself, I have seen a lot of different types of cancers,’warts and all’ so to speak, and that’s why I have ‘2 minds’ about my own prognosis. Since my diagnosis, I have also taken steps to adopt an ‘innate’ lifestyle approach which incorporates to ‘EAT WELL, MOVE WELL,THINK WELL’. So far so good and I feel well.

While I would like to stop taking Tamoxifen, but on the other ‘side of the coin’, I am scared of the disease ‘resurfacing’ its ugly head again. Can please advice, Dr.Teo ? Do you have anything for me to take?

Thank you for your emails and pray that GOD will continue to bless you and CA CARE to help others in need.

Formally from Malaysia … Migrated to Australia …Working as an oncology nurse at the Hospital.  And I do administer chemotherapy to cancer patients too…That’s why I do understand what you are writing in your blogs. Yes, chemo is very toxic but unfortunately when one has been diagnosed with cancer, people don’t want to ‘wait and do nothing’ anymore. They just accept whatever their oncologist prescribed, which is tragic. This is human nature for survival, I guess. I remember myself behaving like that when I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

Thank God you didn’t give up the good work you are doing now after Ben’s passing away. We cancer sufferers need your CA CARE.

God Bless.

Brain Cancer from Jakarta

Hi Dr Chris,

My name is L from Jakarta, currently my lovely wife (43 years, with 3 children) is in hospital in Jakarta. She had a tumor and surgery has been done on Monday. She is still in recovery phase. Before she had difficulties in maintaining balance when she walked and drunk fluid and she had headache. Initial prediction the tumor is ependymoma and the location is between brain stem and cerebellum. After surgery the doctor said probably the tumor is brain stem glioma and cannot be taken out completely which may more aggressive than ependymoma (I am still waiting the biopsy result). The doctor said follow up treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy may not be effective.

Unfortunately I just found your website after the surgery. After reading stories in the website, I realized that the most important thing is how to survive without or less pain before Allah call us (which we really don’t know when and how).

I would like to arrange to visit you after her condition is getting better. I and my family will do anything to make sure that she spends her remaining life happy, able to do basic activities without or less pain.

We really hope that there is a way to support her to get high quality of life as long as it is allowed by Allah.

Really appreciate your response Dr. Chris.

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