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Response to: Death is not a failure

Dear Dr. Chris! 

I´m glad for this message, as I share the insight you´ve got. One should not be selfish and too proud to admit that one cannot do miracles and failure is only a way to learn that! At the end we are human beings and not gods, even if it feels good to do good and feel like a god, but that’s only personal pride and arrogance! But as the lord Buddha says, one should act with love and kindness, according to people in your ward. If the patient in question was too ill to get healed, it´s certainly a relief to pass away, rather than suffering and if you feel bad and sorry, its only self pity, not more!

With metta and loving kindness!

Dear Chris,

Thank you very much for this sharing – It is so important for us all to realise that Death is Not a failure – I hope more and more people understand this TRUTH and that it is the quality of life, no matter how short, that is the most important thing.

Dr. Chris Teo, 

I am a Muslim and we believe that suffering from all sickness is a blessing and even though we cannot give up hope and continue to seek medical treatment and cure. My brother (40 years old) had liver cancer and dragon leave is what he took. After the operation in July 2011 he had a relapsed in November 2011 and passed away 25/ December 2011. Dr said he is not illegible for chemo or radio but best for an operation. So this sharing is a relief that my brother did not go thru the agony of chemo and always calm during that few months. He took morphine twice before he passed away and that was two days before he passes away. He said he wants to ensure that he is sober to face death.

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I was at Ben’s grave site, a broken person.  When they buried Ben, I felt as if half of me also followed Ben into the grave.  It was a sad day indeed.  My heart mourned and cried out “I want to give up Cancer Care.  There is no point for me to carry on … Ben had lost his battle against cancer … I have failed!  What is the point of going on? Indeed this failure was a big blow to my ego! I was naive then. But, later I learnt that I was not the only healer who feels this way. These two famous doctors also felt likewise.

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Lung Cancer: Death is Not a Failure. He did not take a wrong healing path either!

On the night of 9 February 2012, we received this e-mail.

Dear Dr. Chris and Aunty Beng Im,

I want to inform you that my father, Mr. LS from Indonesia, had died on Thursday, 16 February 2012. I want to thank you for all your treatment to my father during his sickness. Until his last days, he still took your herbs and did the e-therapy. I believe that your herbs and the therapy do bring goodness to him. He died without suffering (no pain and no difficulty in breathing, and he died in his sleep). I believe that he is already happier right now, free from his sickness and rest in a peaceful place.

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Blessings and May All of Us See the Real Light in our Lives!

CA Care

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