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A Medical Doctor with Multiple Myeloma

Dear Dr Chris,

I am a Medical Doctor and was diagnosed as having Multiple Myeloma  April 2010 and had radiation and was taking Curcumin 8gms a day and managed to control the disease till Feb 2012 when a PET CT was done they found the disease has spread to my ribs,spine and scapula. Now I have no choice but to go on Chemo as much as I do not want to do it. Since reading some articles on the web about the cured patients with MM, I would like to have your advice on what is the best solution in terms of alternative treatment. Please let me know how I can get the herbs and what is the procedure in getting the herbs from you.


Reply:  Unfortunately doc., MM is a very rare cancer to me, and in my 16 yrs I encountered no more than 5 cases. So I don’t know what I can do to help you. Also you know that chemo is very destructive and would not cure. So it is really hard for me to say much, unlike other cancers which I see very often.

If you think I can help you in anyway, you are welcome to come to Penang and discuss …come on any day from Mon to Friday at about 10.30 am. This is a special time I allocate to those on appointment who are from out of town.

I do have patients who are medical doctors and they accept my ways and follow what I tell them. But there are also doctors who tell me outright after talking for hours that they don’t believe in what I do, in spite of the fact that all chemos that they went through FAILED .So, to be honest with you again, you know where you are on this. If you are skeptical or doubtful about herbs, then please find someone else or do something better. May be you should find or try others first before coming to me. I understand coming to Penang itself is a big effort. And writing email or phone call will not do.

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