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Brain Cancer from Jakarta

Hi Dr Chris,

My name is L from Jakarta, currently my lovely wife (43 years, with 3 children) is in hospital in Jakarta. She had a tumor and surgery has been done on Monday. She is still in recovery phase. Before she had difficulties in maintaining balance when she walked and drunk fluid and she had headache. Initial prediction the tumor is ependymoma and the location is between brain stem and cerebellum. After surgery the doctor said probably the tumor is brain stem glioma and cannot be taken out completely which may more aggressive than ependymoma (I am still waiting the biopsy result). The doctor said follow up treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy may not be effective.

Unfortunately I just found your website after the surgery. After reading stories in the website, I realized that the most important thing is how to survive without or less pain before Allah call us (which we really don’t know when and how).

I would like to arrange to visit you after her condition is getting better. I and my family will do anything to make sure that she spends her remaining life happy, able to do basic activities without or less pain.

We really hope that there is a way to support her to get high quality of life as long as it is allowed by Allah.

Really appreciate your response Dr. Chris.

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