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Breast Cancer – views from a patient who is also an oncology nurse

Hi Dr. Teo,

This is truly a GOD send ! All the while I have been following your blogs since my own breast cancer diagnosis last February 2011 and I have been looking for answers whether to follow my oncologist’s suggestions on Tamoxifen. Through routine mammogram and ultrasound tests last year, results showed some ‘calcifications’ in my R breast so I had a lumpectomy done and pathology results showed HIGH GRADE 3 DCIS 6-7 MM in diameter completely excised. Thankfully, sentinel node bx showed nil nodes involvement of the disease. I also had 24 fractions of radiotherapy to the R breast post surgery. My breast surgeon says I am ‘disease free,’ however my oncologist thinks that due to the high grade nature of the disease, I should be on Tamoxifen for some time to prevent a recurrence of the disease in the L breast as I do have a history of fibrocystic breasts. Hence I have been on Tamoxifen since last August 2011.

I am very aware of the side effects of such so called ‘anti-cancer’ drugs but I am also worried about the ‘what if ‘ too for not taking on the oncologist’s medical advice. Being an oncologist nurse myself, I have seen a lot of different types of cancers,’warts and all’ so to speak, and that’s why I have ‘2 minds’ about my own prognosis. Since my diagnosis, I have also taken steps to adopt an ‘innate’ lifestyle approach which incorporates to ‘EAT WELL, MOVE WELL,THINK WELL’. So far so good and I feel well.

While I would like to stop taking Tamoxifen, but on the other ‘side of the coin’, I am scared of the disease ‘resurfacing’ its ugly head again. Can please advice, Dr.Teo ? Do you have anything for me to take?

Thank you for your emails and pray that GOD will continue to bless you and CA CARE to help others in need.

Formally from Malaysia … Migrated to Australia …Working as an oncology nurse at the Hospital.  And I do administer chemotherapy to cancer patients too…That’s why I do understand what you are writing in your blogs. Yes, chemo is very toxic but unfortunately when one has been diagnosed with cancer, people don’t want to ‘wait and do nothing’ anymore. They just accept whatever their oncologist prescribed, which is tragic. This is human nature for survival, I guess. I remember myself behaving like that when I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

Thank God you didn’t give up the good work you are doing now after Ben’s passing away. We cancer sufferers need your CA CARE.

God Bless.

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