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Do you really need to write email if you are in Penang?

Prof. Teo,
This is Lim from Penang. Actually I came across your very informative website and I have few questions regarding the NPC tea. Before I start throwing questions to you, please allow me to share some information about myself. My dad passed away 3 years ago because of NPC and now I started to develop some of the early symptoms of this disease, such as persistent stuffy nose on one side, ringing sound in my ear, occasional blood stained mucus especially early in the morning, regular sinus infections (once every few months) and etc. As a precaution step, I did EB virus screening on yearly basis and the result is negative. And recently, I also did a biopsy during my ENT clinic visit as the doctor found an abnormal mass in my nostril. Thanks god, the result is again negative. My question would be: do you think the herbs, especially the NPC tea, can at least do some good to me? The incalcitrant sinus infection is annoying, even though, I have the history of hay fever before. Up till this moment, i still can’t find a reason for the reoccuring for it. Actually, I’ve read your book (download from your website) and can’t find the answer on how herbs can help ordinary but with high risk factor people like me? Your insights on this matter is greatly appreciated.


P.S. I lead a very healthy life-style with daily jogging of 5 km and more during the weekend, practice vegetarian + fish diet, completely cutting out sugar and high caffeine drinks from my menu, regular sleeping hour, and more importantly a happy life.

Reply: If you are in Penang, just come and see me. Why write e-mail?

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