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Thymoma, Lymphoma or Germ Cell Cancer from Singapore

Good day Chris,

I am W from Singapore and I have recently discovered a 13x10x5 cm tumour in my mediastinal region, in front of my lung and heart. I have gone through cacare.com and I found many truths, especially the misuse of chemotherapy and all. And also, that God loves us and we must have faith in Him no matter through good or bad times.

I have never questioned God why must it be me, nor asked him why must it be now. I am taking my accidental discovery of this tumour with a lot of positivity. There are many people who love me and care about my health condition. Therefore I do not wish to make any misinformed decision to just purely go ahead with what all so-called medical specialist has advised.

I am 25 years old, non-smoker, exercise regularly and has always led a healthy lifestyle.

The doctors’ initial assessment are that it may either be a lymphoma, thymoma, or germ cell tumour, and are recommending that I undergo chemotherapy to counter the tumour. A biopsy has yet been done, but it has been arranged for over the next couple of days.

I am wondering, whether there is any advice which you will be able to give me at this stage, or would recommend for me.I went through the list of teas and herbs recommended by cacare and found lymphoma teas which potentially could help, any advice on this? really appreciate if any, thanks.

Reply:  Thank you W for writing. Yes, even if there are many horror stories and truth about the medical world, we still need medical help if and when it is necessary. It is indeed peculiar …within these 2 weeks, I saw two other cases like yours … all involving young adult …last night a young man  came with a big tumour like yours in his chest…a week ago, another 29-yr old came …he went through 3 rounds of chemo and gave up…no cure. It is really sad.

Unfortunately, from my 16 years of helping cancer patients, I only saw no more than ten cases like yours … so, I don’t have any meaningful data to rely on. I still think that you need to go to the doctors and see if they can get rid of the tumour in your chest …that is through surgery or chemo…and after that is done, we can think of herbs.

I am sorry that is about all I can say for now …you are still young, it may be worth trying out …but only to a point that you can accept what is being done to you. Last night this young man had 2 cycles of chemo and he said he cannot take it anymore,  but I encouraged him to still do the chemo but take herbs at the same time. This is because I don’t know what else I can do to help.

Take care and let me know if I can help in any way.



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