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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Brain Cancer from Sri Lanka: He Died

Dear Mr. Chris,

I would like to know what ingredients e found in the Brain Tea & Capsule A.

My husband also underwent a brain surgery for a tumor found between the brain stem & cerebellum. After the surgery he did not regain conscious as fluid filled in the brain and due to pressure the brain swelled. This is because the Dr. had not put the V.P. shunt for the draining of the fluid.

My husband was in an unconscious state and very gradually gained little conscious after about 8mths and lived for 3 yrs in a semi vegetative state with feeding done through a peg tube and breathing with a tracheostomy. He finally passed away 3 mths back following a brain seizure.

I am very interested in knowing the miraculous effect of the herbal drug and I really regret that such miraculous healing medicines  never came to light when I was looking for various recovery treatment for my husband.

Thanks & best regards,

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