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From Someone with Breast Cancer in Singapore: Everyone I speak to says I am mad

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

I am very impressed by your life work. I want to say you have done great work with your knowledge. I wish there were more people like you here in Singapore. I am from Ipoh but my grandparents were from Penang, maybe you have heard my grandfather C T L, who was also a doctor who practised in Kedah.

I have recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, 2 days before my 44th Birthday. I have a few lumps, because it is Lobular Carcinoma In Situ and Invasive as they found some cells in the sclerotic and fat. I was upset initially, but I was prepared 50% when I went to get the news. I did not cry, because a fact is a fact. Sometimes life is unpleasant but then it cannot always be sweet. In my heart I already know chemo and radiation is dangerous, because my father and his brothers all had cancer, they did the cut, burn, and poison thing and died anyway.

My Dad was worse he was in remission, but I think chemo altered his brain, after being in remission for a while suddenly one day he took a taxi to a high rise and jumped to his death. We never knew why.

Since my diagnosis I have resolved NOT  to do any of the treatments, no surgery as it has been documented in the Annals of Surgery by surgeon themselves that it spreads the cancer cells the reason being your immune system will be down and the cells can travel freely to seed themselves else where and then you will have metastasis. Radiation is known to cause cancer so it will be silly to even go there. Chemo is even worse as it is a very strong toxin. Which can alter your DNA and endanger you family as you will be very toxic to them too, which I am not sure is mentioned to either patient of their loved ones.

I am very young and feel super healthy. Moreover, I am not afraid to die, but if I did it will be on my terms. Not as a pawn of big pharmaceuticals and hospital peddling poison and radiation. As well as surgery that disfigures with no reason as the cancer will came back or spread. Also I think to myself cancer is not that special; it is also a part of me. It must be some imbalance that causes this.

I strongly feel that doctors only treat the symptom the tumour, but do not address the underlying problem which is why our body cannot fight back. My husband has an analogy; he said if your enemy is fighting a war using bullets, docs are like generals who deploy the nuclear bomb with not only kill the enemies but your own soldiers as well as spread radiation and toxin everywhere.

Anyway, I have changed my diet, I only drink juice, eat very litter raw food, take enzymes, detox my live and take flaxseed oil. I also am taking a bit of iodine as I have a hormone imbalance with my tumor being ER and PR positive. My lump is still small the largest only being 2 cm.

I also exercise daily and meditate. I feel a connection to your work that is why I am writing after seeing all the videos on the unnecessary suffering. When I am better, I will make a trip to meet you. I also feel if I am brave and beat this I can show people that doctors do not always have your best interest at heart and sometime you have to have the self-confidence to question them. Like if no cure  why still have to do the Chemo?

Everyone I speak to says I am mad. I think I have been given a chance to effect some change, maybe I can save my love ones and my friends from going down the slippery slope of surgery, chemo and radiation my life will have been worth living.

Anyway, you must think it strange for some person whom you do not know to send you this rambling email. I think it is important that we stand up and be counted when evil is being done to sick cancer patient. If we all look away then we are as guilty as these people who perpetuate these horrors on thousands and with only suffering and death as the end result.

One more thing can I ask you about papaya leaf extract? And your thoughts on it for breast cancer.

Thank you again for your time I hope you will continue this great work.

Regards, SH


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