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Lung Cancer from Bandung: Condition Improving After Herbs

Hi Dr. Chris,
I’m F, on behalf of my father, JG suffering from lung cancer (S-157). We visited you in Penang earlier at the beginning of this month.  I would like to kindly inform you that  the condition of my father is improving and so far so good. Last week he drove the car by himself together with my mom for the week-end.

As you also mentioned last time, I have contacted Pak Teddy in Jakarta and we are planning to visit him by mid of next week.

Thank You Very Much, Dr. Chris.

NPC Stage 3 cured? Beware take it easy! It may come back.

Dear Professor Teo

Thank you very much for turning my medical condition around!

Tried calling you to break the good news, but cannot get thru la.  I managed to share with Mr Lee, and he is so happy for me.

My MRI result shows all is normal and EBV blood test shows virus undetectable!  Amazing?  I am amazed, at NPC stage 3, I just made an U turn from death. And I am thankful to you and Mr Lee for the herbs and the amazing Capsule A!

See you in May.

Reply: Praise the Lord, pastor! He is our Almighty Healer.

Well … too late

Dear Dr. Chris Teo

Thank You for your attention, my patient have plan to visit you in Penang on 19 April 2012, but then the patient condition worsened. We canceled going to Penang. We decided to consultation with Mr Teddy in Jakarta. And  Last Tuesday, the patient had died.

Thank You Very Much


Response to Healing of Colon Cancer


Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu. ( Well said, well done; we agree, we share this. )

You are such a generous and meritorious Naturopath Doctor. Please continue with your services for the benefits for those with HCIs ( Health Challenging Issues )  and yes, for all beings the awareness of your services and how Naturopathic Medicine can benefit mankind.

You have so much compassion to do good for an oversea person. My metta to you.  This article and yes, the previous always makes me feel good and deeply touches my heart.

I would like to get your permission to forward this article to my friends. They are all so avijja ( ignorant, illusion ) on what Naturopathic Medicine ( NM ) can do for them. This article, to me, is typical of an avijja patient who turns to NM after she has gone from one Conventional Medical practitioner to another. All leading to PPM ( Perlahan Perlahan Mati ). For all her dukkha ( sufferings ) she had gone through God is great. She found you. My metta to her for a speedy recovery.

Doc, thanks for sharing.


” Your body has an enormous capacity for self-healing. It’s designed to be healthy and will move in that direction once you provide it with all the essential building blocks minus the ” legal drugs “.

Breast Tumour

I went for a mammogram and ultrasound. The report was diagnosed as malignant tumor. Please let me know what I must do now.Should I go for a biopsy? When should I come to see you .Tumor is 3.2 cm. Thanking you,

Reply: Where are you from?

Mr. Chris, Thank you for your prompt attention. I am in Singapore

Reply: So what do you want me to do? Go and see your doctor and get the lump removed by surgery.  Only then come and see me. If they want to do chemo or radiation — hang on first and come and see me with all those reports. But no need to come if the lump is still in your breast.

Thank you so much Dr. Chris. I truly appreciate your advice and direction.

NPC – After all the treatments, the doctor has medically written him off

Hi Chris,

Got to know about CA care from the website, we are very interested to know more about this CA treatment. Currently, my brother is 40 years old and is suffering for nose cancer relapse. This is the third time and is more serious than ever.

He has a tumor in his right nose and it is growing and is affecting his right eye, thus he’s having double vision. Now his left eye also seem to be having some vision problems.

A short summary:

2002 – diagnosed with and treated for nose cancer (radiotherapy only)

Around 2007 – first relapse (radiotherapy only)

2008 to 2009 – second relapse (radiotherapy only)

2010 to 11 – third relapse (radiotherapy, brachytherapy, chemo not completed and a surgery  to remove the tumor but it grew back)

The tumor has been growing bigger since late last year and has pressed on his sixth nerve, 2 or 3 weeks ago, thus giving him double vision. Doctor said right eye is paralysed.

His doctor does not recommend radiotherapy anymore and he is not on any Western medication / treatment. Currently, he is taking some Chinese medicine but he has difficulty in swallowing. His throat is affected due to ulcers from radiotherapy. He has not been able to sleep for months as he has been coughing badly. He can’t lie on the bed as it will trigger off even more coughing so he has to catch his sleep in an upright position. He is very weak now and left with only 43 kg (from 65kg).

The doctor has medically written him off and told him his days are numbered.

What will you recommend or advise? Thanks to advise at your soonest possible time.

Reply: Where are you from anyway? Come and see me if you think I can help you.

Metastatic Brain Cancer

Dear Dr Chris,

I’m from Jakarta-Indonesia. My Mom, 62 –year-old was diagnosed with Brain Tumour (Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma). She has already undergone a tumor operation (the biggest is in her right side, two other is small and inside the brain) at L Hospital, Penang, by Dr. X, brain surgeon.

Unfortunately after the surgery, my mom had complications, so for almost three weeks she was in CCU. She hardly could breathe and see at first, then CCU doctor, Dr. Y suggested to make a ventilator in her throat so she can breathe easily, but still helped by a machine (70%). Meanwhile Dr A assigned Dr Z to help shrink my mom’s left tumor near her brain because the tumor keeps pushing her neuro-system which makes her unable to see, move and breathe. So Dr Z gave 10-15 times of radiation. After the radiation, my mom can now breathe using regular oxygen and move to regular room.

Since she moved to regular room, Dr X assigned neurologist Dr S to help my mom physiotherapy so she can move her body part and sit, because my mom still sleeps in bed. Dr Z said he can’t start treatment if my mom’s condition is still weak. Her right body part cannot really move unlike the left side, and now she is using ventilator with 2 liter oxygen per day.

My mom is almost a month in L Hospital. Now we run out of finance. Dr Z suggested that we bring my mom home and make sure there is neurologist who can handle my mom in Jakarta. After she gets better, she can start the treatment.

With this letter, I really need your help. What should we do with my mom?  Now, she is still in L Hospital and is being taken care of by my sister. We really want to meet you and discuss about this. My sister just calling your clinic but there is no answer. If you don’t mind, would you call her back on her cell phone? We really appreciate your prompt feedback.

Lung-Brain Cancer from France

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

My good friend CP from Thailand spoke to me very highly of you and your achievements. Having witnessed her considerable energy, I would like to ask your advice and guidance concerning my childhood friend, P, who lives in France.

Six months ago, P was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had also metastases in the whole of his body. Until now, he received 6 sessions of chemotherapy. They have now started radiotherapy as well and P is totally exhausted. Fortunately, his pain is perfectly controlled by patches of morphine.

…  have seen all your videos and read the testimony of your patients. It is amazing! In the present situation, Pierre is too weak to travel. If you receive a copy of all treatments he received, is it possible for you to do something for him?

I thank you very much for your attention. With my kindest regards,

Reply:  25 February 2012 – Thanks for  your email. CP did talk to me some weeks ago about this. Since he is doing chemo and radiation. Well, this is the worst thing that anyone should get and it is not going to cure him in any way. But it is not for me to say anything. Each of us need to make our own decision and choice. I need to know the most updated medical condition or reports to be able to know what to do …. How many radiation is he going to get? How many more to go? And what after radiation? What happen after chemo…any effect?


8 April 2012

Dear Chris,

I do apologise for answering so late to your previous email. I was waiting for the medical file of my friend P, but last time I spoke to him, he had not yet received it from the hospital. What I know is that he had 6 chemos and 4 radiations. However, since then, the metastases have increased in his lungs and other parts of the body. More than that, they recently discovered metastasis in his brain and last week, they did Gamma rays on his brain. I do not know what happened but 2 days ago, P had a cardiac incident, and he is now in emergency in cardiology. Nobody has access to him.

My last hope for him is in you.  I just called his T. Master (DR), and we agree that they are killing him. DR gave permission to ask for your help and treatment. Do you think that it is not too late? Can you still do something for him?

Reply: I am afraid there is nothing much I can do to help at this point. (Note: Patient is in ICU in a hospital somewhere in France).

From New York: Liver Cancer that spread to the lungs after surgery

Hi Dr Teo,

I found your blogs while searching the internet for various things to help my brother.  From reading your blog, I can see you have vast experience and expertise on this subject.

My brother has had two major resection operations on his liver cancer tumors.  It’s been about 6 months from his last operation, and from a CT scan, they have seen about 20+ nodules in both his lungs.  This is his liver cancer metastasis in his lungs.   A recent CT scan has confirmed the nodules are growing.

He’s currently looking at alternative treatments because those are his only options.  I would like to seek your advice based on your experience with many cancer patients, and also to seek your expertise with herbal solutions.  My brother is seeking many solutions, and on the herbal front, he’s particularly interested in mushrooms.

Do you have any comments and suggestions?  I would like to seek how to best schedule time with you to get your guidance?

Reply:  Thanks for writing. I am half a world away from you. It is extremely difficult for me to help people so far … please see attached explanation. Since you are in New York, why don’t you consult Dr Gonzalez …  http://www.dr-gonzalez.com/crayhon.htm  He is another famous man whom I have read about who may be able to offer some help. Surgery is never the answer to liver cancer. Soon it goes to the lung. That is very common.


Everyone wants a miracle for cancer! But most people want an express lane to the miracles

Like you have said “People remain looking for a silver bullet”. The lady I spoke with is eager to do surgery so that they can be assured that they have gotten rid of the whole cancer. They plan to use chemo to catch any cancer cells circulating the blood stream.  So far the chemo has reduced her pain and the breast engorgement. I think the pain was from her axillary lymph node. I told them, I cannot advise you to disregard what your doctors have told you but, please do some research and find adjunct alternative therapies to use in conjunction. Don’t just depend only on chemo. Luckily, although she is young she has 2 kids, and she went through the same thing I did. They just asked her if she already had children, when she said yes, they continued with treatment. No need to tell her the side-effects that it may affect her fertility or reproductive organs.

Cancer is such a sensitive topic for most people. Almost everyone wants a miracle which is fine, but most people want an express lane to the miracles; the weird part is, these same people don’t believe it can be done even if they want the miracle. We have to believe first before seeing the proof!

A Pateint

Breast Fibroids

Dear Dr Chris,

I’m writing here to seek for your advice on my breast fibroids.

Attached is my x ray report taken on Sep 2011. I’m 31 years old and start found my breast got tumor since I’m 18 years old. I’m still single and have not do any operation to remove the tumor.

Possible that Dr Chris advice on the herbal medicine to intake and i get it from KL?

Really hope to hear from you. Thank you, Dr Chris.

Reply:  No problem. Go and see Khadijah and try Capsule A, C-tea and Breast L tea (boil twice and drink everyday).

Bile Duct Cancer from India: We cannot help via the net – come and see us!


I am writing to you from India.

My father has been diagnosed with bile duct cancer and the tumor is deemed to be inoperable due to proximity to blood vessels. There doesn’t appear to be any metastasis.

My father and myself have always been believers in alternative therapies and after reading through your website and viewing some of the testimonials I am very keen to get him started on your protocol.

In the interest of time can you please tell me how I could consult with you get your medicines at the earliest.  I can always scan the reports and send them across or alternatively, if you strongly believe I need to be physically present in Malaysia, I will make the effort to come across.

I would greatly appreciate your prompt response.

Reply: I am sorry …it is very difficult for me to help people from other countries …see the attached explanation.

Hi Chris,

I have read your explanation and fully understand the need for physical presence.  We are willing to do that, also the travel to Penang is only 7 hrs from New Delhi.

I have spoken with someone from your office and they said that you will be available on Sunday for a consultation.  I am intending to meet you then (please let me know otherwise).

In the first instance I am happy to come down to Penang with all the reports, CT, MRCP, Pet etc and my Father can come across for subsequent visits.  He is recovering from jaundice (the stent was inserted yesterday).  I will be able to provide you with significant details/reports for you to consider different herbs.


Breast Cancer: Side effects of Arimidex – bone pain and stiffness

Hi Chris,

I just browsed through your website and am encouraged by many of your patient testimonies.  Praise God for all the healing!

I plan to visit your clinic but not sure if I can be considered.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2011. Completed all my chemo and radiation in Dec 2011.  I had my pet scan done last month and all is clear.

My oncologist requested I take Arimidex (hormone tablet) for next 5yrs to reduce probability of recurrence. I took it for 4months. The side effect I had was bone pain and stiffness.  The pain was rather bad so I stopped taking last month.

I would like to try alternative medication instead of taking hormone tablet.

Please advice if I am suitable for your herbal treatment.

Thank you

Reply: Come and see me with all your medical reports.


PSA down from 6962 to 3103 after one a half months on herbs

Dear Prof.Chris,

I am H represents my father, the patient of CACARE.
On 29 March 2012 my father did PSA test & the result was 3103.

On 22 February 2012 his PSA was 6962.

He started taking your herb on 15 February …so it is about 1.5 month & the PSA is down…thank you Dr. Chris.

But I have problem…. My father can’t walk now. The Indonesian doctors said that his spine marrow / backbone marrow/ sumsum tulang belakang has been damaged by cancer cell, so his legs can’t be moved. Help me Dr. Chris.Do you have any herb to repair his backbone marrow / sumsum tulang belakang? Or to help his legs can be controlled again? Thank you very much.

Reply: I suggest that you come and see me about his problem.

PSA going down and down from Indonesia

Dear Mr & Mrs Teo ,

Please be informed that my PSA reading is still going down and now it’s almost normal. My latest PSA  is  4,4 ( normal range is  < 4.1 ) . Praise the Lord and thanks to you two .

I am still using your  e-therapy  machine  every day  and  doing  the  lap-swimming  free style 2.000 M ( 40 laps X 50 M ) every morning .

We are going to consult you in Penang on Friday 25 May 2012 and get several months  stock  of your herbal. We are very grateful for all you two have done for us.

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