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Father died and now brother with Brain Cancer from Indonesia

Hello Dr. Chris Teo.

I had read your book about the breast cancer. I really amazed with all the women who fought with it and they succeed. My father got a mouth cancer , he passed away in 1996. And now my big brother is being struggle with brain tumor.

I am a kindegarten teacher, i dont have enough money to send my brother to hospital and give him the konvensional treatment. Beside of that, we had seen our father who couldn’t bear the pain of kemotherapi so surgery or kemo is not our option.

We just knew that he got the tumor since 3 months ago. At the MRI test the tumor is 4cm already. And now his eyes are blind. His blood test is good, except his uric acid is 9. He is very tough and never complain. He still single, so i am the one who can take care of him.

I give him the diet that u said in the book. And take Sarang semut from papua and the soursop leaf as his medicine. Dr. Chris, can you give me any suggestion ? In My limitation, i want to give him the best.

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