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Bile Duct Cancer from India: We cannot help via the net – come and see us!


I am writing to you from India.

My father has been diagnosed with bile duct cancer and the tumor is deemed to be inoperable due to proximity to blood vessels. There doesn’t appear to be any metastasis.

My father and myself have always been believers in alternative therapies and after reading through your website and viewing some of the testimonials I am very keen to get him started on your protocol.

In the interest of time can you please tell me how I could consult with you get your medicines at the earliest.  I can always scan the reports and send them across or alternatively, if you strongly believe I need to be physically present in Malaysia, I will make the effort to come across.

I would greatly appreciate your prompt response.

Reply: I am sorry …it is very difficult for me to help people from other countries …see the attached explanation.

Hi Chris,

I have read your explanation and fully understand the need for physical presence.  We are willing to do that, also the travel to Penang is only 7 hrs from New Delhi.

I have spoken with someone from your office and they said that you will be available on Sunday for a consultation.  I am intending to meet you then (please let me know otherwise).

In the first instance I am happy to come down to Penang with all the reports, CT, MRCP, Pet etc and my Father can come across for subsequent visits.  He is recovering from jaundice (the stent was inserted yesterday).  I will be able to provide you with significant details/reports for you to consider different herbs.


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