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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Everyone wants a miracle for cancer! But most people want an express lane to the miracles

Like you have said “People remain looking for a silver bullet”. The lady I spoke with is eager to do surgery so that they can be assured that they have gotten rid of the whole cancer. They plan to use chemo to catch any cancer cells circulating the blood stream.  So far the chemo has reduced her pain and the breast engorgement. I think the pain was from her axillary lymph node. I told them, I cannot advise you to disregard what your doctors have told you but, please do some research and find adjunct alternative therapies to use in conjunction. Don’t just depend only on chemo. Luckily, although she is young she has 2 kids, and she went through the same thing I did. They just asked her if she already had children, when she said yes, they continued with treatment. No need to tell her the side-effects that it may affect her fertility or reproductive organs.

Cancer is such a sensitive topic for most people. Almost everyone wants a miracle which is fine, but most people want an express lane to the miracles; the weird part is, these same people don’t believe it can be done even if they want the miracle. We have to believe first before seeing the proof!

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