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Lung-Brain Cancer from France

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

My good friend CP from Thailand spoke to me very highly of you and your achievements. Having witnessed her considerable energy, I would like to ask your advice and guidance concerning my childhood friend, P, who lives in France.

Six months ago, P was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had also metastases in the whole of his body. Until now, he received 6 sessions of chemotherapy. They have now started radiotherapy as well and P is totally exhausted. Fortunately, his pain is perfectly controlled by patches of morphine.

…  have seen all your videos and read the testimony of your patients. It is amazing! In the present situation, Pierre is too weak to travel. If you receive a copy of all treatments he received, is it possible for you to do something for him?

I thank you very much for your attention. With my kindest regards,

Reply:  25 February 2012 – Thanks for  your email. CP did talk to me some weeks ago about this. Since he is doing chemo and radiation. Well, this is the worst thing that anyone should get and it is not going to cure him in any way. But it is not for me to say anything. Each of us need to make our own decision and choice. I need to know the most updated medical condition or reports to be able to know what to do …. How many radiation is he going to get? How many more to go? And what after radiation? What happen after chemo…any effect?


8 April 2012

Dear Chris,

I do apologise for answering so late to your previous email. I was waiting for the medical file of my friend P, but last time I spoke to him, he had not yet received it from the hospital. What I know is that he had 6 chemos and 4 radiations. However, since then, the metastases have increased in his lungs and other parts of the body. More than that, they recently discovered metastasis in his brain and last week, they did Gamma rays on his brain. I do not know what happened but 2 days ago, P had a cardiac incident, and he is now in emergency in cardiology. Nobody has access to him.

My last hope for him is in you.  I just called his T. Master (DR), and we agree that they are killing him. DR gave permission to ask for your help and treatment. Do you think that it is not too late? Can you still do something for him?

Reply: I am afraid there is nothing much I can do to help at this point. (Note: Patient is in ICU in a hospital somewhere in France).

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